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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Salt Lake City, Stampin Up and Coffee

Thanks for reading and commenting. Its been awesome to wake up and realise that people have actually read the blog.

Back to the holiday. We touched down in Salt Lake City at the end of the Never-Ending day after midnight. The plane that we flew over in (in terms of seating across) was three-four-three. This one was two-two. It was HOT when we touched down.

Salt Lake City is a BEAUTIFUL town. According to Wikipedia, the population of this town is 189,314. It is without doubt the cleanest city I have ever visited.

What is Stampin' Up? Its a craft company that Kylie is a consultant for. They are based in Utah. Next week, we have the incentive trip that Kylie achieved (Im the tag-along). But, before next week, there is a convention for the US and Canadian demonstrators. We went to something similar in Brisbane in May. There was 750 people. Here in Salt Lake City there are more than 5000. It was NUTS! And, the audience is 99.995% female. Our new camera has this awesome panorama feature, which is going to get a workout on this trip.

Woman - everywhere!
So, the convention was all about recognizing achievements in the US and Canada markets, product demonstrations,product launches. Kylie loves it. And, between you and I - it actually is pretty cool for me as well. But, please dont tell anyone I said that. Here is a sample of photos from the day. Again, I apologize that the pics are not cropped and edited.
Kylie with Sue (also from Melbourne)

After the actual convention part, there is this MASSIVE room next door that has tonnes of demonstrations, examples of craft. Do you know what Paper Pumpkin is? Now I do.

Kylie did her nails in the 'In-Colours.' Few will understand.

Some more from Australia - Lousie and Claire (from the office in Sydney)

All of these women (and probably there are two men among the throng) are doing craft projects.

Everyone can get excited about this - a new envelope making tool. Dont judge me - I was excited about this.How cool is my hat?

Does it look like I have caught up on my sleep yet? Not quite.

The corridor we are staying.

The building we are staying in - found it on Air BnB. Is in an awesome location.

The LDS Administrative Building.

Back for awards night. Check out the size of the stage. Mary Fish scooped most of the categories. She is popular among crafters. 

Awesome 80'S cover band played the songs of my childhood.
Cupcakes in the 'In-Colours'

Dinner last night ..... literally.

Entertainment at the after-awards night party

Prize for anyone who can guess who this is. And, sorry its not centred.

SLC at night

New watch
So, that was a sampling of yesterday. Much the same for today. Hope you are all well. Oh, and in case you were concerned, there are coffee shops aplenty. Starbucks is VERY popular in the USA and we pass two between the place we are staying and the convention centre. Its not the best, but it'll do.


  1. Fabulous collection of pics!!!! Thanks for sharing all that info - love the envie maker!!!

  2. Great thanks bruno... The watch is perfect for you! Love kylies nails they match the cupcakes!
    I think the lady in the photo must be Mary Fish!
    Love the night shot enjoyed all the news! Kylie is so lucky to have you Bruno and I am sure you think you are lucky to have her!
    Love mum xx

  3. Wow wow wow. What an amazing start to you holiday, the photos are awesome thanks for sharing them.The lady in the pic looks like Sharna - Shelli's daughter

  4. Oops a bit eager on the enter key!!! Looking forward to seeing more pics :) have fun!!
    Carolina :)

  5. Great pics Bruno, Kylie I want those nail polishes they look gorgeous. Can't wait to get them. You all look so happy hope you have a great time. Cheers Teena

  6. Of course we are following your blogs. In fact we receive a double notification since you signed us up as well. And love the hat Bruno!

  7. LOVING your 'take' on things, Bruno; SLC certainly is a beautiful place, and your accommodation looks fantastic! Great pics! I know who "the blonde woman" is, but won't spoil it for others wanting the prize, LOL. Love to Kylie!! xx

  8. Best post yet! Love all the pics - makes me feel like I'm on holidays with you! Wow. Convention looks amazeballs! Kylie, you look so good!! Love you hat B, suits you. Keep updating!! Hugs to both

  9. Great pics. Love the last sentence, Starbucks coffee is not the best but it'll do.

  10. Cool photos - your panoramic ones really capture the 'hugeness' of the rooms.

  11. You would have to go a long way to beat Aussie coffee shops especially in Melbourne !!!
    Looks to be an awesome convention, thanks for the "peek"

  12. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Happy with the Air bnb booking?


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