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Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Day in Utah

Today was our last day in Utah. I woke up feeling dead. So, Kylie arranged for us both to have oxygen treatment, which helped a lot. Felt better after that.

Beautiful setting for it.

We had an enormous amount of gifts/prizes that we somehow had to get home, so Stampin Up had arranged to send 12 pounds (i still cant get used to this stupid system ouf weighing things).

Check out a all of the prizes/gifts/bags
Its mostly craft items, but there were a few bags that were quite large. So, even after the 12 pounds, we still had about ten pounds of stuff to send - we were NOT going to be lugging around ribbon and stamp sets. So, we ventured down to Park City. We went there the other day when Kylie was sick, so now it was my turn to go there whist sick. lol. Our main purpose was to arrange to post the items back home. We were looking for the post office and couldn't seem to find it, Mainly because we were both looking for the big red P (the Australia Post symbol.

Park City was such a nice town.
Im not sure if I showed you this but this is the Furnicular that runs up the back of the Hotel. You can either drive up the mountain using twists and turns. Or, ride up one of two Furniculars (or Funulator as some AWESOME person from NSW calls them).

That night we were whisked away for a secret dinner /goodbye party

It was at a massive ranch and it was a Utah Party in a barn.
It was pretty cool. After dinner, we had dancing in the ..... rotunda? Surely there is a more country name for it?

And, the dancing went into the night.
Line dancing aplenty.

Tomorrow - Las Vegas! 


  1. It's been so great reading your posts Bruno&Kylie!! It's like we're there with you :-) Travel safe xx

  2. Sounds like you're becoming more American than me!!


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