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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Be The Difference!

Today, we went to the Stampin' Up Home Office in Riverton, UT. 

It looked like a school. It's in a beautiful setting. It was about an hours drive from where we were staying. But, wait. I forgot to tell you something. Kylie is better! Yay! This is the centre from where Stampin' Up is organized and products are designed and shipped within the US and Canada.

When we arrived, all 400 staff members were on hand to welcome in a large central space.

At the bottom of the central void, there is a beautiful garden. Here are a few pics taken there;
Me and Kylie. We are both dressed by Tommy Hilfiger (clothes bought yesterday)

With Sue Madex (who some of you may remember as Miss Madex).

Louise and Daniel from NSW.

MONEY shot

It is such a beautiful space. We then had some group photos. This is a photo of all the achievers from Australia whom Stampin' Up flew to Utah with their guests.
Spot Kylie.

We then broke up into groups to look at different aspects of the operation.
Kylie's dream! Colored card stock as far as the eye could see.

The packing line (semi automated) bringing craft products to you.

A MASSIVE operation.

Then we had lunch and chatted some Stampin' Up identities.
Amy Swartz and Shelli Gardener (co-founder and CEO)

With Shannon West - on the design team

With Brian Pilling and Shannon West

Then the achievers and guests split up and the achievers did.....
Make-and-take while the guests went.....


Something new from SU

Then, we came back into SLC for shopping and dinner.
Where we had dinner. They serve more than cheesecake. 

An awesome light feature in the restaurant.

And, then, after a massive day, we arrive home at 9:30 pm and have this beautiful scene to greet us at the St Regis

And! Kylie was left another pillow gift

Another MASSIVE day tomorrow. Brekky is at 4:30 and we are flying to a place called Kanab where we will see where the products are actually made. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. Ooh .... love, love, love the bag!!!!!


  2. BIG day out. But I am glad I don't have to do the 4.30am start!! - Julie Farrugia xxx

  3. Lovely photos. Gorgeous outfits - that colour looks great on Kylie. - Liz P

  4. Loved how much you fit into that post! PHEW! You guys are getting to do heaps! SO glad your feeling better Mrs B, good to see you looking so fresh. Keep posting - its not too much!! xx

  5. The cheesecake factory is awesome!

  6. Great to hear Kylie is feeling better. The TH outfits look nice :)

    MMMM The Cheesecake Factory - I am hoping we can go on Tuesday for National Cheesecake Day. Wasted on me because there will be hardly any gluten free options :(

  7. That Stamping Up is no cottage industry.
    And I seem to recall that colored card collections are right up your alley too BBB.
    Glad to hear Kylie is feeling better.
    Happy early rising. It's the joy of traveling.

  8. Kylie, that's such a beautiful photo of you and Bruno. You both look so happy and rested. You deserve it guys.... By the way, see you soon for the hard work in the Hindi group...


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