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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well, its 1:13am and I SHOULD be asleep. But, NO!

When we went to Korea/Japan/Thailand in 2009, we took our Compact Digital, Digital SLR and our Video Camera. That was NOT cool! Because I am related to my father, I was completely paranoid that we would lose one of the cameras. I remember it was within about an hour of travelling that I asked Kylie, quite panicked "HAVE YOU GOT THE CAMERA?" And, in the nicest possible way, she told me to stop asking.

It was SUPER annoying to carry around all of those cameras. So, I noticed one day that my workmate had her camera. Most importantly, it LOOKED COOL. So, I asked her questions about it. I researched it, I watched clips about it, spoke to KJ about it. Then yesterday, I asked her to bring it in so I could have a play with it. Which was today..... And, it was AH-MAY-ZING. I took video (HD) and photos with it.

And, so now......I just bought it. Kylie doesnt know yet. But, I guess she will hear about it when she reads this.... though, she wanted me to buy it when I first told her about it a few weeks ago, but purchases like this are a big deal for me.

So, hopefully it arrives soon.

Thats all. Seeya.

Oh, I guess you want to know what camera I bought?

Sony NEX5N.
According to the blurb....

The Sony Alpha NEX-5N Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens is not a point-and-shoot and not a DSLR, but it holds its place in the market, intriguing those who want the flexibility that interchangeable lenses and numerous manual and creative features can give them, without having to lug around a huge DSLR body. The body is packaged along with an 18-55mm Sony lens, allowing you to start shooting right from day one.

Do you approve? Actually, if you dont, keep it to yourself!!!! Hahhahahaahahahah

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flights - check!
Accomodation - get back to you on that.....

I downloaded an app for the iPhone and iPad. Its pretty cool. Its called Worldmate. The app description is here.

So far, our Itinerary is
Melbourne | Sydney | Los Angeles | Salt Lake City | Las Vegas | New York  and then Montreal | Vancouver | Salt Lake City | Los Angeles | Home
We are flying between these places. However, between New York and Montreal, we have a few weeks where we will be driving to see the two Upstate Bethel homes, Id like to go to Washington DC to go to the US Holocaust Memorial Museam and Niagara Falls. Every day, Kylie sends me AWESOME places to stay on AirBnB - we have a few sorted out and a few still to sort out.
Me in 2001 visiting Walkill
 One of the reasons our flight over was on the cheaper side was because there is a 12 hour layover in LAX. So, what does one do when they have a 12 hour layover in LA? Go to.......

The Happiest Place on Earth? We'll See!
Disneyland! We fly in early in the morning, so we will get to Disney by about 12 and we fly out at 9:40pm, so I think we can stay until about 6. Im super excited about that! For anyone that has gone - what do you think; Should we go to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park? Kylie hasnt been to LA Disney and I havent been there since I was 13 (yes, that was a LONG, long, long time ago!).

When in Las Vegas, we have been looking at day tours to go to the Grand Canyon and go on the Skywalk. Have you heard about this? Check it out....

I first heard about this in an architecture magazine. Then, I saw a documentary about how it was constructed on the Nat Geo channel. Certainly an AMAZING way to see the Grand Canyon.

Our accomodation is not too far from the Main Strip in Las Vegas. There are numerous shows Id like to see - has anyone seen anything in Las Vegas recently?

When we are in New York, I want to see a show on Broadway. There are MANY I want to see. But the one at the TOP of the list is Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.
One of the features is that Spiderman flies above the audience. There are premium tickets called "Landing Zone"
Has anyone seen the show? I checked prices and hopefully there is a sale box to get them. Back in 2001, there was a TKTS box in Times Square - hopefully that still exists! The score for the show is written by Bono and The Edge, so it will be different to other musicals we have seen.

Anyway, if I write too much today, ill have nothing to write for the next four months....
Thanks for following and thanks for commenting. Makes me feel that others are actually reading this.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wow! Its been a LONG time since I blogged. A LONG, LONG, LONG time!

Lots has happened since I blogged, but rather than catch you all up on everything that has gone on, Ill catch you up from whats going to happen in the future. And, as of today, the VERY exciting thing that is going to happen is our 2013 North American Odyssey.

Many of you will remember the last North American Odyssey I went on. It was in 2001 and I had this amazing photo taken.

This is a page from my photo album. Unfortunately, 10 days later, those 2 amazing architectural masterpieces were no more and almost 3000 people were killed.

So, the plan was to recreate the 2001 North American Odyssey with Kylie in 2011. But, that didnt happen. Let me take you a step back......

One of the things that have happened over the last four years is that Kylie has gotten involved in 'Stampin' Up' and she has done very well (as is to be expected.) What is Stampin Up? Well, its basically a company that supplies craft products. They supply paper and cardboard, ribbon, stamp sets in a variety of colours etc. Get the idea? Anyway, over the last four years, I have often been tearing my hair out. The picture below explains why....

Anyway, Kylie persevered. And, persevered. And, she is now a Senior Manager at Stampin Up. It used to be just a 'thing on the side' but, she has now quit her job and focuses on this. Her website is here. Check it out. Kylie sells some things on eBay and conducts classes. 

Another thing that happened this week is that Kylie was featured in the Stampin Up demonstrator magazine.

So, because of her perseverance, there was an incentive that was on offer for Stampin Up demonstrators. And, KYLIE ACHIEVED IT! What is the reward, I hear you ask? Well, it is a TRIP to Salt Lake City  FOR HER and ME! And, today, we confirmed dates and flights. So, it is REAL! 

While we are in North America, we are going to visit a few extra places to recreate the 2001 North American Odyssey and add some extra places (Las Vegas, New York City, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver). Im still without speech that the biggest expense (flights) are covered by the company. Im still expecting the bill ...... but it wont be coming. Without speech I am!

We will no doubt visit some extra places and we have purposely left some space between flights to allow for trips

For example, while we are in Vancouver visiting our great friends Greg and Maureen, we are taking advantage of being over the other side of the world are doing another one of our new favourite pasttimes - Cruising! We are going on a cruise to Alaska. The prices are so much better on that side of the world, particularly at high season. 

Additionally, a few months ago, our friends Travis and Annette went to Europe. They told us about this website that they booked their travel with - Air BnB. Now, I never told them this, but I have to admit that I was worried that they were going to get there and nothing would be confirmed or the accomodation would be terrible. But, their accomodation was at a greatly discounted rate. And, everything was better than expected. I read an article in The Age about AirBnB today, which was REALLY interesting. So, we have found some really nice places at half the price of the hotels in the area.

So, id love to hear about some places you think we should go to in those cities and nearby. Add comments with your suggestions.

So, I might add some blog posts about other stuff weve done recently.  
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