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Thursday, March 14, 2013

And ... now the planning begins (or continues)

Flights - check!
Accomodation - get back to you on that.....

I downloaded an app for the iPhone and iPad. Its pretty cool. Its called Worldmate. The app description is here.

So far, our Itinerary is
Melbourne | Sydney | Los Angeles | Salt Lake City | Las Vegas | New York  and then Montreal | Vancouver | Salt Lake City | Los Angeles | Home
We are flying between these places. However, between New York and Montreal, we have a few weeks where we will be driving to see the two Upstate Bethel homes, Id like to go to Washington DC to go to the US Holocaust Memorial Museam and Niagara Falls. Every day, Kylie sends me AWESOME places to stay on AirBnB - we have a few sorted out and a few still to sort out.
Me in 2001 visiting Walkill
 One of the reasons our flight over was on the cheaper side was because there is a 12 hour layover in LAX. So, what does one do when they have a 12 hour layover in LA? Go to.......

The Happiest Place on Earth? We'll See!
Disneyland! We fly in early in the morning, so we will get to Disney by about 12 and we fly out at 9:40pm, so I think we can stay until about 6. Im super excited about that! For anyone that has gone - what do you think; Should we go to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park? Kylie hasnt been to LA Disney and I havent been there since I was 13 (yes, that was a LONG, long, long time ago!).

When in Las Vegas, we have been looking at day tours to go to the Grand Canyon and go on the Skywalk. Have you heard about this? Check it out....

I first heard about this in an architecture magazine. Then, I saw a documentary about how it was constructed on the Nat Geo channel. Certainly an AMAZING way to see the Grand Canyon.

Our accomodation is not too far from the Main Strip in Las Vegas. There are numerous shows Id like to see - has anyone seen anything in Las Vegas recently?

When we are in New York, I want to see a show on Broadway. There are MANY I want to see. But the one at the TOP of the list is Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.
One of the features is that Spiderman flies above the audience. There are premium tickets called "Landing Zone"
Has anyone seen the show? I checked prices and hopefully there is a sale box to get them. Back in 2001, there was a TKTS box in Times Square - hopefully that still exists! The score for the show is written by Bono and The Edge, so it will be different to other musicals we have seen.

Anyway, if I write too much today, ill have nothing to write for the next four months....
Thanks for following and thanks for commenting. Makes me feel that others are actually reading this.


  1. That app looks perfect for trip planning. Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Broadway Shoe, Las Vegas, sounds like you have all the cool places covered. Bethel of course, what about Legoland??? That would be awesome too if there is one nearby.

  2. cool app, Bruno. looks like you and Kylie are having a great time. good reward for hard work i bet. suppose you'll have the memorial in good old USA.

    Mark & Rosa


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