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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hi everyone. Sorry you haven't heard much from us. We ARE still alive. But, we got on the Celebrity Century in Vancouver and have been cruising since Sunday. We just touched down in Juneau this morning and we are in a net cafe. The net onboard is good. But, at $15 for 20 minutes (or $75 per hour), its a little prohibitive.

Here is a summary of our cruise so far;

This is our cruise ship.

This is our room. We have an interior cabin which is surprisingly really nice.

Before we left Vancouver. This is the main open deck, level 11. We have a 'stairs only, no elevators' policy. We stay on Level 8.

We had just taken off from Vancouver.

Some of the beautiful vista along the way.

Waiting to see one of many shows on board.

The shows are generally ....... Pretty bad. But, there is a Russian couple that do AWESOME acrobatics. Hopefully they have their own show.

This is typical of the terrible costumes and choreography on board. Maybe they will Improve???. Lol

This is the main dining room on board. It is a 2 storey space.

We did a champagne tasting. Delicious.

They are just amazing to watch.

Unfortunately, when we got to Hubbard Glacier, the weather was terrible.

But, we did see it.

It was REALLY cold the day we got to the Glacier. Added to that, I was wearing wet shorts (I had just been in the jacuzzi). So, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

It was raining, but you can see the glacier behind.

Us on board.

This morning.

Mendenhall Glacier. Took my breath away. Soooooo beautiful.

Close up of the glacier. 

Kylie (wearing her new coat).

We were here!

So, we are off on a tour of the Alaska Brewing company. Maybe we can chat again at the next port.
Speak soon.

We love you Albert and Pam. Our prayers are with you.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

We have tried to get back on track with that all important element of life - sleep. It has been great to be here spending time with our family here in Montreal. Here is a sample of some photos from our stay in Montreal. Now, here is your homework - see if you can see a common denominator in these photos.

Count the dishes on the table

Kids having fun playing on our iPads and iPhones. Sorry mum and dad, but your kids are now addicted to games on our iPads such as Wheres My Water, Wedding Dash and World of Goo.

So, Liliana challenged me to a game of Just Dance. I didnt tell her that I am a Just Dance world champion and promptly thrashed her.

Check out the car we hired - yes, its a Little Red Corvette! How cool? Actually, we didnt hire it - its Lucio's car.

Liliana - the Canadian version of Chiara.

This one if for my family - its this what you bought? Check out the price!!! If you hadnt already bought one, I would have gotten it for you. Let me know.

Meet Pebbles. She is sooooooo cute! Yes, Im missing my babies. Actually, speaking of my babies - I was told a joke today. What Do you get when you cross Jasper and Bella with one of Alana's Nappies? Ask my mum. Lol. 

Our AWESOME hosts. Thanks so much Pino and Rosa for having us stay with you. Sorry we have kept you up late all the time. Thanks Fabrizio for giving us your bed. And, thanks Liliana for being the coolest little Diva! Please come visit us soon!

Olivia and Liliana - best cousins!

I love Photo bombing!!!

Before Dinner last night

The Bertucci / Armenti Crew!

Check out what was on the screen when we arrived! Paul (my cousin) said 'Look- they are playing rugby!' Lol! Collingwood was winning at that precise moment. I guess the Wobbles hadnt set it by then!

Sorry rest of patrons - we are a LOUD bunch!!!
 So, back in 2001, Fabrizio had a photo taken together.

We decided to recreate the photo.
Me with my dads cousin (also named Pasquale) and Teresa.
Having fun outside the cafe.
The cafe we went to after dinner.
Taken without my knowledge.
So, today we are off to Vancouver - we are coming for you Greg and Maureen!!! Thanks so much to our Montreal cousins for an awesome time and putting up with us and our australian humour. And, in case you were wondering Rosa, people in Australia do not gallop to the bus stop. lol!

Here are some more videos that we have uploaded. Sorry, but they are in no particular order.

 This was the special meal that Kylie and I had in High Falls.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Um, are we still in North America? Why is everyone speaking French? Why are all the signs in French? I dont understand!!!!!

So, the last time that you heard from us, we had a LONG journey to Quebec. We eventually got to Brome where Grant and Wanda live. Brome is about a 1.5 hour drive from Centreville Montreal (which means Downtown Montreal - I am almost fluent in French after being in Quebec for four days). It was an EXHAUSTING trip! And, we have been travelling for a while now so we have gotten tired. And, we are now old (face it, Bruno).

Every opportunity is used to rest! Lol! Nah, we had walked up a massive mountain (well, a hill) immediately prior to this.
Brome is a beautiful township. Grant and Wanda (and Hannah) have lived there for a few years since they moved from Melbourne. They live in a cool house that they have renovated themselves. Its in a beautiful semi-rural setting.

Grant and Wanda drove us to Quebec City. It was a 3 hour drive. If we thought that Montreal Downtown was French - Quebec City is even more French.

We tried Frozen Maple. When in France, do as the French (I mean, when in Quebec, do as the Quebecoise do). 

It felt like we were in the middle of Europe. Can you see why?

I came to Quebec City in 2001 and I didnt quite remember much about town. But, I remember this view. It was as spectacular as I remember it.
Quebec City is spectacular. Its on a river (sorry, I cant remember which one).

One of the most spectacular buildings in town is Chateau Frontenac (or as Australians might say Chateau Front-and-back).
Another building that is under construction!!!
Its visible from almost everywhere. It was such a beautiful day.
Hannah loves grass. She is super-cute, even though she hates me. Long story.
Yay! Someone took a nice photo of us! 
Even though Hannah hates me, she loved Kylie. One out of two isnt bad. 

How difficult would it be to just take a step back so that the top of Grants head isnt cut off? Cmon peeps - how difficult is it to take a properly proportioned photo?
Poutin - its a famous dish from Quebec.
My dinner. Just delicious!
Europe? Nope, Canada!
After the meeting in Cowamnville English

Hannah gets to see the chickens everyday.

Grant made a fire in the backyard. It was awesome!
I think we are starting to see a pattern. I think it had more to do with overeating at lunch rather than being tired.
We farewelled Grant, Wanda and Hannah and went into town to visit relatives in Montreal. We travelled by train and bus (accompanied by French speaking bus drivers that were SUPER friendly). These relatives are from dads side and some of the family have the SAME surname as me.

We arrived in town early so we did some touristy things while we had some time. Here is a sampling of photos from the day.
We asked a local about this beautiful building that lay desolate. It was enormous. The lady we stopped and asked said that contamination had been found and work stopped about 15 years ago and hasnt moved since. It could become as beautiful as Chateau Frontenac.
Old Montreal is just beautiful. Its very European. The roads are cobblestone.
Selfie of the day

Awesome shot. Thanks American Lady
Travelling on the metro with all our luggage. Not the funnest (is that even a word?) thing to do.
Eventually, we arrived. Hot, Smelly and Sweaty! A day that started quite cool (temperaturewise) ended up 30plus degrees. We are staying with Rosa and Pino. It was great to catch up with Rosa, Pino, Fabrizio again and to meet Liliana. We went to the meeting that night and this is the picture taken at the meeting. It was the first time EVER I have been to the meeting and when Bro. Bertucci was picked to give a comment - it was not me!!!

At the meeting we met up with Paul, Lisa and Olivia and Lucio Bertucci
 After the meeting, we came home for coffee and ....... Tim Hortons!
Any wonder why the scales are not my friend at the moment?
We had 12 years to catch up on them. The last time I saw these guys was in 2001 just before I went to New York.
Today has been a restful day. Our awesome hosts woke up (after a 2am chat session) and said "So, what do you want to do today?" Um, relax? How does that sound? Lol! We have been hanging out with Liliana, Rosa and Fabrizio watching You Tube, playing games and having an awesome (and relaxing) day. Just what we needed.

We have uploaded some videos. These are just random selections of things we have done along the way.

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