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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Montreal - We will miss you!!!

We have tried to get back on track with that all important element of life - sleep. It has been great to be here spending time with our family here in Montreal. Here is a sample of some photos from our stay in Montreal. Now, here is your homework - see if you can see a common denominator in these photos.

Count the dishes on the table

Kids having fun playing on our iPads and iPhones. Sorry mum and dad, but your kids are now addicted to games on our iPads such as Wheres My Water, Wedding Dash and World of Goo.

So, Liliana challenged me to a game of Just Dance. I didnt tell her that I am a Just Dance world champion and promptly thrashed her.

Check out the car we hired - yes, its a Little Red Corvette! How cool? Actually, we didnt hire it - its Lucio's car.

Liliana - the Canadian version of Chiara.

This one if for my family - its this what you bought? Check out the price!!! If you hadnt already bought one, I would have gotten it for you. Let me know.

Meet Pebbles. She is sooooooo cute! Yes, Im missing my babies. Actually, speaking of my babies - I was told a joke today. What Do you get when you cross Jasper and Bella with one of Alana's Nappies? Ask my mum. Lol. 

Our AWESOME hosts. Thanks so much Pino and Rosa for having us stay with you. Sorry we have kept you up late all the time. Thanks Fabrizio for giving us your bed. And, thanks Liliana for being the coolest little Diva! Please come visit us soon!

Olivia and Liliana - best cousins!

I love Photo bombing!!!

Before Dinner last night

The Bertucci / Armenti Crew!

Check out what was on the screen when we arrived! Paul (my cousin) said 'Look- they are playing rugby!' Lol! Collingwood was winning at that precise moment. I guess the Wobbles hadnt set it by then!

Sorry rest of patrons - we are a LOUD bunch!!!
 So, back in 2001, Fabrizio had a photo taken together.

We decided to recreate the photo.
Me with my dads cousin (also named Pasquale) and Teresa.
Having fun outside the cafe.
The cafe we went to after dinner.
Taken without my knowledge.
So, today we are off to Vancouver - we are coming for you Greg and Maureen!!! Thanks so much to our Montreal cousins for an awesome time and putting up with us and our australian humour. And, in case you were wondering Rosa, people in Australia do not gallop to the bus stop. lol!

Here are some more videos that we have uploaded. Sorry, but they are in no particular order.

 This was the special meal that Kylie and I had in High Falls.


  1. Hi. We love you blog

  2. What camera does BB have? Takes awesome shots & video. Want to plan ahead for my next trip and upgrade me camera, so any recommendations are gratefully appreciated. :-) - Liz P


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