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Friday, August 2, 2013

This city is AMAZING!

When planning the trip, we planned it assuming that we are always in good health, the weather is always perfect and we are always FULL of energy. All of those things have rarely occurred at the same time on this trip. Kylie got over the allude sickness before we left SLC. And, I still had symptoms for most of the time we were in Las Vegas. So, when we had an OVERNIGHT flight from Las Vegas, that was not a masterstroke of genius on my part. Why? Well, first of all, sleep has been a major problem on the trip thus far. There was jet-lag to overcome first. Then, insomnia was a major issue withthe altitude   sickness. Then, we have the fact that airplane travel doesn't lend itself to sleeping too well. Then, we have the fact that we are going to a place that has a three hour time difference. And, finally, we are going to a 'city that never sleeps.' The moral of the story is - Bruno - GET OVER IT! You will not catch up on your sleep debt. Hahahahahahaha!

So, we check in to our AWESOME accommodation. We are staying in the upper west side in this cool apartment (W74th Street).
Its the top floor apartment in this building. The only negative is that its a four level walk-up. If you are coming to town, I cant put you into contact with the owner. It is a real New York experience for us.The restaurants and cafes closeby are awesome. The subway is two blocks away (in both directions).

Our first port of call was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met). To get there, I looked at the map and saw that the Met is across Central Park. Easy. Just a quick walk.????? Have you been to Central Park? It was easy to get there. But, Central Park is ENORMOUS!!!!! But, back to our Met tour. If you are interested in Biblical History, Oasis Tours operate a few different tours that are Super-Informative. The one that we went of is called 'The Woman and The Seed' and we looked at the first three world powers and heaps of artifacts on show that relate to Egypt, Babylon and Medo-Persia. It went for more than three hours and our tour (Arn) was awesome.

Us with our tour guide. Today we are dressed by Tommy Hilfiger (again - yes, we are wearing the same clothes - LOL).

The main lobby of the Met was bustling. There were (an estimate) of more than 100 people waiting to go on an Oasis tour. It was like an assembly.

We took hundreds of photos and hopefully, I can remember what was significant about them. Here are a sampling. 

This was typical of an Egyptian Prisoner (you can tell by the way that the hands are bound). Look out for this when you see Joseph illustrated as an Egyptian Prisoner.

Look at the cover of the 'My Book of Bible Stories.'

An Egyptian temple. I can remember what was significant about it. But, it was impressive.

Our multi-race tour group.

This would have been on the wall when the prophet Daniel at the entrance of Babylon. Check out the Daniels Prophecy book. 

Some of the beautiful architecture of the Met.

If you do nothing else when you are in New York, go to the Oasis website and book one of these tours. They are free. You pay only for entry to the Met and if you would like to make a donation to the tour guides, you are welcome. They are all regular pioneers.

In Las Vegas, we spent a tonne of money on cabs, We were determined not to do the same in New York. We caught a cab from where our shuttle bus dropped us off in New York and we resolved that was going to be our last. So, we bought 2 unlimited subway tickets.

Because I knew that Manhattan was where the 'Manhattan Project' originated, I said to Kylie 'Look out for the literature stands.' And, literally 45 seconds later.....
It was so awesome to see. Just out of the picture, our sister is talking to an interested person.

We then ventured up to ground level and we found ourselves... Times Square. Sooooooo many people. 
I cant remember the last time I had a Hot Dog, and I cant remember the last time I ate street food. But, Im in New York - do as the New Yorkers do.

There is a massive red stairway that we are sitting on. It is the TKTS stand (where you can get discounted Broadway tickets). We bought our tickets from Australia (we are seeing Spiderman - Turn off the Dark).

New Yorks finest keeping us safe.

Then, we headed home on the subway. This is our home Subway station.

And, this is the street close to home.
Can you see Eddie and Peppers Pizza? That is a Pizza shop in a basement. Where else but in New York would we eat Pizza in a basement? At $2.50 for a massive slice of Margarita, Im not complaining. It was also DELICIOUS!!!!!!

And, thats what we did after sleeping maybe two hours during an overnight flight. Im impressed - are you?


  1. Oh my........... ireally wanted to go BEFORE this post........ now its almost UNBEARABLE how much i want to go!! Fantastic post Bruno! Love how you give recognition to whos is dressing you for the day! lol good ol'tommy!

  2. Wow yes definitely impressed. Loved your pics and you are definitely packing in a ton of experiences even with not much sleep. Hope you both squeeze some zzzzzzs in somewhere. ;-)

  3. What an awesome blog instalment - man oh man I wanna go back to NYC NOW!!!!
    Thanks for that insight about Oasis - I didn't realise that bros run a tour of The Met. We just visited it on our own when I was there, but next time would definitely join a tour, even if just to meet some of the visitors! Enjoy every minute - and loving your photos too.
    Cheers, Liz P

  4. Looks amazing!! New York is on my agenda next year. Already can't wait :) LOVE your apartment!!


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