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Friday, August 2, 2013

New York City - Day 2

Today was ANOTHER massive day. Our first place to visit was the 9-11 memorial. It was an easy subway ride downtown. On our way, we stumbled across yet another literature cart. So amazing. And, while we were there, we bumped into Art and Michelle from California. They were also on their way to the memorial, so we went together.

In case I haven't told you before (or in case I just met you on our travels), the last time I was in New York City was immediately before and after 9-11. So, I don't have very fond memories of that time. And, whenever I would think about it, it would remind me of the terror I felt about being on the other side of the world from home and in the middle of what was a war zone. So, this morning, I was not in the happiest mood. The thought of going to the memorial made the hair on my arms stand on end.

So, there we were on the way down to the 9-11 memorial with our new friends.
The memorial consists of two pools, each the same size footprint as each of the towers that were felled.

Attendance is free, but you are required to book in advance.

So, because we were with our new friends, it became a less depressing and solemn event, but a happy occasion.

There were thousands of people there.


A day that I was not looking forward to because of terrible memories from the last time I was here turned out to be a fantastic day. It was so great to meet you Michelle and Art.

The new Freedom Tower built at Ground Zero, directly adjacent to the new memorial park.

After this, we went down to visit the Statue of Liberty.
This airport style security is everywhere. It is still a city in fear.

Kylie from the ferry! Manhattan is in the background.

From ferry.


Even closer.

Looking at Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty. I like the nice touch of the plastic mesh fence. 

Then, we went back to the Met and guess what?
And, another literature stand. They are at almost every subway stop we went to.

Next we went to.....
The Guggenheim museum.

Can't wipe that smile from my face.

Then, we went to the top of the rock (Rockefeller centre)
Full marks for anyone that can tell me who this represents.

'Just take the photo, will you Kylie!'

This gives you an idea of how large Central Park is.

Contemplative Kylie

I can't remember what this photo was looking at.

Empire State.

No matter how much guidance I give people, nobody can ever framed good photo of the both of us. Lol.

Next, we went to the top of the Empire State.
In the lobby.

We spotted this cool place from the rooftop of the Empire State. It was cooooooooool as. We thought 'We should go there for dinner and a drink.'

The panorama didnt work too well from the Empire State because of the security grille.

Some randoms taking selfies.

We were not the only ones up there. 

Then, we spotted one of the coolest buildings - the Flatiron, so we went for a closer look.
It was so cool to see it again.

So, as mentioned, we spotted this cool rooftop restaurant when we were atop the Empire State. So, we asked around and FOUND IT! It was super cool.
Awesome view.

Wow! One of the selfies worked!!!!!

Needless to say, we were tired after such an eventful day. Thanks for reading.


  1. New York is definitely on my bucket list - looks fabulous.

  2. Awesome photos guys! Fabulous to be sharing your travels and seeing you both happy and well and enjoying NYC :)

  3. Know exactly what you mean when you said: "No matter how much guidance I give people, nobody can ever framed good photo of the both of us." You line it up, tell them where to stand and then. . .they step forward and change the angle!!

  4. Great post & BRILLIANT photos!


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