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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Washington DC - A Flying Trip

So, in the last post, I mentioned that we left NYC really early in the morning on a train. The plan was that we would leave early and arrive early. There were a few delays on the train (and it stopped about fifteen times as well), so we arrived in DC about 11. It was a long, long day. Again, when planning, I just imagine that everything is going to go well and we will sightsee from Sun-up to sun-down. Our aging bodies just cannot cope with that sort of torture anymore. Lol!

So, we arrive in town in a beautiful station.

And then we check into our apartment. This is another awesome find from If youare traveling ANYWHERE you have got to give this a look first. 
This is me pretending to watch TV. It was a great place on the same street as the capitol. But, what excited us the most about the apartment was......
I have never been so excited to see a washing machine and a dryer. So, I washed as many of of our clothes as I could. I did two massive loads. Funny story though - Im not sure its been used much lately. As I was folding them, they came out with a bit of a stale smell (the first load did anyway). I think the water in the machine might have been stagnant in the machine for a while. Nothing that a dousing of aftershave cant cover until the next washing machine we come across.
This is the house we stayed in. We had the basement apartment.

The subway was SUPER cool. They were all the same design and we clean and we felt safe-as.

So, our first port of call was the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

We didnt take any photos here. It is a little macabre in there. This pic is thanks to Mr Google. Sadly, all of the passes for the day were taken, so we were only able to look at the free portion of the gallery. There was an exhibition about people who didnt speak up (neighbours friends etc.) about the holocaust. It was really depressing. Anyway, it didnt leave us feeling happy.

Then we walked (and if you have been to DC, you know [and Kylie now knows] that in DC you walk and walk and walk and walk and walk) to the Lincoln Memorial. If I have gotten the name of the presidents incorrect, please forgive me (and correct me).
As we were walking towards it, I reminded Kylie about the scene from Forrest Gump where Forrest is on the steps of this memorial and Jenny runs across the water towards Forrest and they reunite.
Thanks again Mr Google.

I remember this from a nameless animated tv show.

We werent the only ones there. Added to the crowds inside, it JUST started raining. Joy! We were MILES from anywhere, didnt have an umbrella (though, I bought two new umbrellas before we left Melbourne and didnt pack either of them) and we tired as it was.
Amazing Doric columns. The number of column represents something. I stopped listening at this stage.
The same view (as seen by Forrest).

So, we were walking. We were tired. We were miles away from the subway. So, we decided to buy a ticket to the hop-on, hop-off bus. It drives all around town on three separate routes and you can hop-on and hop-off as you wish. Its open topped and double decker. So, thats what we did.

'Will you PLEASE stop taking photos of me?'

On the way home - SPENT. But, look at the Hexagonal tiles - arent they cool?

A new day - after an EXCELLENT nights sleep and a mini sleep-in, we walked into town. 
This is the rear view of the Capitol. It was closed for tours. Boo Hoo.

Stopped for a drink of water. This pic is in your honor mum and dad. See if you can guess why.

We heard the day before on the hop-on, hop-off bus that the most popular museum in DC is the Air and Space Museum. So, thats where we went! It was awesome! We looked around and decided to watch Hubble 3D on Imax screen. Kylie and I have a special place in our heart for Imax as we had wedding photos taken at Imax in Melbourne (cue Awwwwwwwwwwwwww).
Because Im blind in one eye, I cant actually see anything in 3D. But, it was 2D for me.

Then we saw the hubble.
I guessed it was a replica since the whole movie talked about repairs that they have done to it whist orbiting the earth.

Then we had lunch in the food court of the Air and Space Museum. It was called a Food Court, but it had Mc Donalds. And, let me tell you - it was the biggest and busiest Mc Donalds I have EVER seen.

The Washington Monument was also closed. It was damaged by earthquake.

Back on the bus - again - why cant anyone frame a nice photo of us?????

Another view of the Lincoln Memorial.

.....and the white house

Saw the Pentagon on tour. This was the photo Kylie took before they said not to take any photos of the building. I would have hoped to go inside but they didnt take us anywhere near it. Maybe next time?

Capitol Hill - site of Beyonce's apparent lip synching (oh, and the inauguration of Barack Obama).

Time for Ice Cream. Yum - chocolate Taco!

Then we went to the Museum of American History. 
This is Julia Childs kitchen. 

An awesome display of coffee lids.

Back on the bus and I fell asleep in this position.

FBI Headquarters. Termed the ugliest building in DC. I dont agree.

The Mayflower hotel. Site of political scandals.

Georgetown - a quaint interesting place with cool architecture and waterways running thru.

Dinner - thai again. I had KaPow.

Can we PLEASE go home?

Speaking of political scandals....

We saw a tonne of other buildings but these were the most interesting. Hope they have interested you too! Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the buildings... love Georgetown housing - very cute... you guys must be so fit!

  2. Look forward to each & every installment of your trip - this one was not disappointing! Love all the pics! Big hugs guys xx

  3. Love love loving all the pics.

  4. The Washington subway is so mod compared to NYC


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