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Monday, June 29, 2009

On Sunday night, we went to a Pizza restaurant in .... not sure where ..... Rosanna or something like that. You see, my dad got the K-Rudd stimulus package and decided to spend it on .... Food! What else? A lovely night was had by all. In attendance were the Bertucci Parents (Pasquale and Jeanette), their three children (myself and 2 sisters Angela and Marie [formerly known as Maria]), their respective spouses and children (if any). So, from a family of five, there are now 12.

There were so many things of note that made me laugh. In no particular order......
When we arrived, I noticed that my sister Marie had a different hair style. It was a lot shorter and appeared as though she had been swimming (you know the look?) I commented “You’ve had a hair cut?” The response was “Yes, and I used a hair dye that I found at Nonna’s house!” Say no more! Nonna died earlier this year. And, with Nonna – you never knew quite what you were going to get! For example – if you went into the fridge and saw a margarine container, chances are you would not find margarine in the container. So, while it might have said that it was hair dye, chances are it had some sort of acid or paint stripper in it. So, for the next while, she is not allowed to dry her hair because of the damage caused by the hair dye.

This reminds me of one more story from last night. Mum and Kylie were talking about a recent Oprah episode where the man was blue. He took colloidal silver and as a result turned blue. But, he said it was good for health – something like that. Anyway, mums latest craze is – you guessed it – colloidal silver. It’s a cure for EVERYTHING! Anyway, someone was sick so she gave them colloidal silver. And you’ll never guess – they weren’t sick anymore! Isn’t that amazing! She just bought a new bottle of the stuff, even though she clearly remembered that she already had one. Kylie is getting over a cold and she was coughing a bit so mum made her have some ..... Colloidal silver! While we were there, she found the original bottle. Kylie looked at the bottle ..... somewhat puzzled! She was puzzled because it had a nasal spray attachment. She asked “Is this a special colloidal silver nasal spray?” to which mum replied “No, I must have needed the lid for something else.” Like mother, like daughter. Just like you never quite know whether the hair dye at Nonna’s house actually is hair dye, you never can be sure whether the colloidal silver is colloidal silver.

It was funny for me anyway! More from that night soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In no way do I endorse the original singer. However, this version is the coolest! And, Im also VERY impressed with myself that I have been able to insert a you-tube clip into my blog - and it works!

And, by the way, whats the go with the "rapper" girl - she sings 2 lines and just stands there for the rest of the song. I guess she is doing as the song suggests - "Just Dance!"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back in Feb, Kylie and I (along with the rest of Kylie's family), went to Fiji. It was quite humid for most of the time. However, I am from Melboure. So, while everyone else had cocktails, I was hanging out for a coffee. And, of course, Kylie had to immortalize this for you all to see.

Who knows what she will take a photo of on our 2009 Korea/JapanTrip (coming soon - watch this space!)
In case you dont, this is him. He is the one standing at the microphone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What do you notice about this picture?
  • I am wearing my fave blue velvet jacket.
  • I am wearing my new fave red/white stripe shirt/
  • I have an espresso in my hand
  • I have a widescreen monitor
  • I can wear jeans to work

Continue this list......

Monday, June 8, 2009

Originally uploaded by 2009_anasianodyssey
We saw our friends Con and Lorena in Darwin at the wedding.

Just got a text from them saying that they were invited onto Circuit Work. How excellent is that?

They are THE COOLEST! You will ove them!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Originally uploaded by 2009_anasianodyssey

Marcus and Shelley, whom you met in previous Blog entry have a great car - a Land Rover Defender. Aside from the fact you need a step ladder to get into it, it is THE COOLEST car! This is a photo of me having some fun next to the defender!

So, the next time you are up around Cunnanurra and see some happy Kingdom Proclaimers, get your own shot like this one!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Originally uploaded by 2009_anasianodyssey
This photo was taken at the wedding! Kylie looks great, doesnt she? I bought the vest the day before from Ed Harry for $10!

As I was getting dressed the morning of the wedding, I put my pants on. They were on the line before we left and I were inside out. They are black Rivers pants. So, I put them on, put my shirt on and then did a double-take. The pants I had packed were not in fact the dress-pants I had hoped but the pants that were ..... JEANS (they were dress-jeans, but jeans none-the-less).

What was I to do? I was running late as it was!

The irony of the whole situation was that over the years, I have given Pups an earful about what he wore to the meetings - his response was always "This is OK to wear in Darwin!" And, to his wedding, I wore ..... jeans! I was so embarassed! I felt AWFUL! So, to make sure that people didnt think I was some dodgy brother, I told as many people as I could, including the brinde and groom, about my terrible mistake. The response that was most common was "I just thought thats how they dress in Melbourne!"

The moral of the story is this:
"When you are travelling to a wedding and you have to pack clothes, put the clothes on before you pack them and CHECK that the clothes are the ones you hope they are!"

Hope you are all well!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Originally uploaded by 2009_anasianodyssey
For those of you that came to our wedding, one of my groomsman was Marcus. He just happened to be the brother of the groom, so he also was in Darwin for the wedding.

Doc and Shells live in Cunnanurra (north end of WA) and we promised that we would visit (or move up there).

Originally uploaded by 2009_anasianodyssey
OK, what I tried last night didnt work, so hopefully this way will!
This is why we went to Darwin.
Pups is a great mate of mine and Jenna is his new bride!
The wedding was in a beautiful setting (as you can see - yes, that is water in the background).

This is a blog that I typed up in WORD! It was so much easier than typing up on the net. So, the next thing I am going to try doing is uploading a photo. Let me know if you can see it!

If we didn't procrastinate, then nobody would EVER update their blogs!

I want to go to sleep, but here I am updating a blog that I have never updated! And, I bet it doesn't work anyway, so this is a test as well.

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