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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The first day of the convention has arrived! It was so emotional (SORRY - you will be hearing alot of that). There was more than 51,000 in attendance at the Soccer Stadium - it was soooo great! Everyone travelled on the Subway, so it was really cool!

Interesting thing happened on the way home - I was giving out tacky Koalas to the delegates and I gave one to a lady who I thought was a witness - turns out she wasnt. But, she was so moved by it, she gave us a baguette she had in her bag. Then, we tried in our version of Korean (also known as speaking English slowly and loudly) and tried to invite her to the convention on the weekend. A brother standing nearby helped us and explained the whole convenion ........ Then, she handed Kylie her phone and spoke a friend of hers that was a witness already. We are having many experiences like this due to our wearing our lapel cards.

Went to Bethel yesterday and also to the Gyeonbokgung Palace (its big in Korea's history.) We also went to a traditional Korean show (dance and sing) last night which was AMAZING! Our friend Emmanuel was pulled up onto the stage and did a great job. We loved the show so much, we got the DVD.

Tried garlic wine tonight ..... hmmmm ...... at least we can say we tried it.

So, I hope the convention in Melbourne goes well. Sorry we cant be there, but Korea was calling us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you believe it? We arrived! We are so excited!

We left Sydney on Monday morning and arrived in our hotel room before midnight that night. It was a LOOOONNNNG day! When we arrived, there were about a hundred local witnesses there at the airport welcoming us with banners and flowers and dressed in traditional Korean clothes. It was all very moving and very beautiful!

Today was a "free" day. By free, I mean that our itinerary for today was blank. But, we left the hotel about 10 and got back about 8:30. My feet are about to fall off. We had a wonderful day on the subway and saw some other sites around Korea. We finished the night with a cruise along the _______ river (not sure of the name). As if that wasnt exciting enough, some local Korean witnesses recognized the lapel card that all of the international delegates to the convention were wearing so it was great to meet up with them. What was EVEN more amazing was that in their group, there were 2 sisters from .... China! It was very moving to meet them.

I tried to upload some photos, but this is not possible from this machine. Maybe the next hotel we are in.

Anyway, its late and I must go to bed......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Before we left, I was going to email the itinerary around to family so that they know where we are. But here is a better idea - you can look at it yourself!

Are you excited? Can you understand why I am excited?

Monday, August 17, 2009

We will be FLYING on our way to Seoul, Korea!

I hope to keep you all updated on our travels. We are SOOOOO excited! Can you tell????
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