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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 1 of Convention

The first day of the convention has arrived! It was so emotional (SORRY - you will be hearing alot of that). There was more than 51,000 in attendance at the Soccer Stadium - it was soooo great! Everyone travelled on the Subway, so it was really cool!

Interesting thing happened on the way home - I was giving out tacky Koalas to the delegates and I gave one to a lady who I thought was a witness - turns out she wasnt. But, she was so moved by it, she gave us a baguette she had in her bag. Then, we tried in our version of Korean (also known as speaking English slowly and loudly) and tried to invite her to the convention on the weekend. A brother standing nearby helped us and explained the whole convenion ........ Then, she handed Kylie her phone and spoke a friend of hers that was a witness already. We are having many experiences like this due to our wearing our lapel cards.

Went to Bethel yesterday and also to the Gyeonbokgung Palace (its big in Korea's history.) We also went to a traditional Korean show (dance and sing) last night which was AMAZING! Our friend Emmanuel was pulled up onto the stage and did a great job. We loved the show so much, we got the DVD.

Tried garlic wine tonight ..... hmmmm ...... at least we can say we tried it.

So, I hope the convention in Melbourne goes well. Sorry we cant be there, but Korea was calling us.


  1. Hi Bruno,
    Very cool blog, really enjoyed reading it, not too long, but still newsy!!!! So glad you took koalas to korea, I loved getting pressies from the international brothers at the Sydney International, just made it all the more memorable
    Love Mandy and Tony
    ps if you can go all the way to Korea you can come to Tassie for a visit hey:)

  2. So lovely to hear from you keep it up as am really enjoying hearing the news and feeling the excitement of your trip. You two would have a great time anywhere you went so happy for you both and lots of love to you both xxxxxxx

  3. that's a great experience you had, Bruno and Kylie. i am sure Jehovah will bless you with more. Hope you enjoy the rest of the convention which you will. even though we have already been to the Townsville one, we are planning to go the Sunday session of Melbourne. remember when you get to Japan, Sushi is very good for you. Mark and Rosa

  4. what an experience!!


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