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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Can you believe it? We arrived! We are so excited!

We left Sydney on Monday morning and arrived in our hotel room before midnight that night. It was a LOOOONNNNG day! When we arrived, there were about a hundred local witnesses there at the airport welcoming us with banners and flowers and dressed in traditional Korean clothes. It was all very moving and very beautiful!

Today was a "free" day. By free, I mean that our itinerary for today was blank. But, we left the hotel about 10 and got back about 8:30. My feet are about to fall off. We had a wonderful day on the subway and saw some other sites around Korea. We finished the night with a cruise along the _______ river (not sure of the name). As if that wasnt exciting enough, some local Korean witnesses recognized the lapel card that all of the international delegates to the convention were wearing so it was great to meet up with them. What was EVEN more amazing was that in their group, there were 2 sisters from .... China! It was very moving to meet them.

I tried to upload some photos, but this is not possible from this machine. Maybe the next hotel we are in.

Anyway, its late and I must go to bed......


  1. I can feel the excitement from here so pleased you have finally got there!! Now maybe you can see why I love travelling around so much?? I love how all of the congregation meet up in different countries.

  2. hi guys. great to see you are off to a good start and it must be encouraging for the local brothers as well as meet international ones. hope to see any photos asap. Mark and Rosa

  3. Hey you two! I can just feel your exhaustion already ha! Wow, I'm soooo jealous, here we are all getting prepared for our convention in little ol' Melbourne, and you guys are in KOREA! WOW!
    Please be careful, and thanks so much for the updates. Will have to live vicariously for now... Slater love J n R x

  4. loving the mystery river comment.
    what an awesome experience guys.. looking forward to seeing the pics..

  5. Ok so where is day 2,3,4,5,??


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