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Friday, August 23, 2013

Alaska - we are here!

Hi everyone. Sorry you haven't heard much from us. We ARE still alive. But, we got on the Celebrity Century in Vancouver and have been cruising since Sunday. We just touched down in Juneau this morning and we are in a net cafe. The net onboard is good. But, at $15 for 20 minutes (or $75 per hour), its a little prohibitive.

Here is a summary of our cruise so far;

This is our cruise ship.

This is our room. We have an interior cabin which is surprisingly really nice.

Before we left Vancouver. This is the main open deck, level 11. We have a 'stairs only, no elevators' policy. We stay on Level 8.

We had just taken off from Vancouver.

Some of the beautiful vista along the way.

Waiting to see one of many shows on board.

The shows are generally ....... Pretty bad. But, there is a Russian couple that do AWESOME acrobatics. Hopefully they have their own show.

This is typical of the terrible costumes and choreography on board. Maybe they will Improve???. Lol

This is the main dining room on board. It is a 2 storey space.

We did a champagne tasting. Delicious.

They are just amazing to watch.

Unfortunately, when we got to Hubbard Glacier, the weather was terrible.

But, we did see it.

It was REALLY cold the day we got to the Glacier. Added to that, I was wearing wet shorts (I had just been in the jacuzzi). So, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

It was raining, but you can see the glacier behind.

Us on board.

This morning.

Mendenhall Glacier. Took my breath away. Soooooo beautiful.

Close up of the glacier. 

Kylie (wearing her new coat).

We were here!

So, we are off on a tour of the Alaska Brewing company. Maybe we can chat again at the next port.
Speak soon.

We love you Albert and Pam. Our prayers are with you.


  1. Haha I love the no elevator policy! Looks like a brilliant cruise, the photos are incredible! Looks like you are finally teaching ppl how to take proper photos of you and KJ cause you both look great! Look forward to each and every one of your posts xx

  2. Fab to hear from you both again! The scenery looks beautiful. Love the 'us on board' pic too. Enjoy the rest of your awesome trip :)

  3. Aah we missed you guys while you were offline. (Ouch - those prices are steep!) Looks chilly there. Love the new coat Kylie and LOVE the glacier pics.

  4. I thought Mendenhall Glacier was lovely ... until you see all the other ones while cruising (and the ones we saw in Canada prior to the cruise)! So many awesome sites along with way. Lap it up. Juneau itself is a but 'meh! But you'll love Ketchikan. Stairs on the ship is a good policy - we followed that plan most of the time and it worked! - Liz P

  5. You both look great
    Nick and Julie


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