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Monday, July 22, 2013

Arrived in Deer City

We arrived at our hotel in Deer City today. It's about one hour from Salt Lake City and is ski country. The hotel we are staying at is called the St. Regis and is without a doubt the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in. Here are a few panoramic shots of our room, the view from our room and the lobby.
This is the view from our room

Our room - see the shutters into the bathroom

The bathroom. Just below the shot is the bath (under the shutters)

The lobby.

The rear of the hotel. One of those balconies is our room.

Thanks Stampin' Up. When we arrived, we were ushered into a 'hospitality room' - food, drinks, and......
More Lollie's than I could handle.

As if m&ms weren't deadly enough - here is an idea - LETS FILL THEM WITH PEANUT BUTTER!!!

I'll post some more photos when we get to look around more. Unfortunately, Kylie is sick and has been in bed most of the day (which, might I add is SUPER comfy). Yesterday she felt terrible and it didnt improve today (got worse in fact). She is suffering from Altitude Sickness. Apparently it's common in this area. Hopefully she gets better soon. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh poor little girl of all the things to suffer from!! The hotel looks amazing so happy for you. Get better kylie so you can enjoy your prize xx

  2. Ohh the hotel looks amazing and you can bring some of those Hershey's chocolates home for Mel ... she just loves 'em :)

  3. Amazing hotel - Liz P


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