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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pioneer School

The last few months have been one major event after another. The last major event before the trip was the Pioneer School. It was an awesome two weeks; had two awesome instructors, met some awesome new friends and got closer to those who were already our friends. 

Here are just a sample of some of the special times we had at school. Right down the bottom is a short video - scroll down and watch that one.

And, now - ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS until our big trip!

Jackson and Silvia, whom you might remember as Liz and John (ie. the 'good' couple) from the drama at the Melbourne Convention last year and some new friends James and In-young. James and In-young are in an English Congregation in Korea and came from Korea for the school.
Melanie, Alaina and Kylie. Old friends - well, I dont mean that they are old, I mean that they have known each other foe a while. Maybe I should stop typing and digging myself into a hole......
Camera???? Where???? Let me pose!
After class one day.
Kylie and Melanie  -so special to be in class together!
Special Part of Pioneer School - FOOD! And, LOTS of it!
Our new friend Rachel!
Mark dropped in to see us for lunch one day.
Kylie and Silvia doing a presentation in class
Off preaching one day
New friends Alison and Min-Woo

Me and Kylie!
Me and Kylie - eating!!!! Look at the salad on my plate.

Long story - I can dream, cant I?
Special part of pioneer school - signing each others text books.
Melanie with a card made for the instructors.


  1. I loved seeing the video!! Officially the best school ever as per Michael Harvey! Woo Hoo!!

  2. Great post B! Loved seeing the video, looks like you all had the most wonderful time.


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