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Friday, July 19, 2013

Arrival - The NEVER ENDING day

So, after a 13-plus hour flight, WE ARRIVED in Los Angeles. We left Melbourne at 11:20 Thursday and arrived just after midday Thursday. Weird???? So, when we arrived, it was well and truly my bed time (Melbourne time). However, I had to adjust the new time, so, if the sunlight said t was day time - it was daytime. Even now, it is 2:07pm friday Melbourne time, and I haven't slept since 5:30 am Thursday (Melbourne time). So, we've been awake for 33 hours (and counting).

So, that's out of the way - Los Angeles. That was today. To be honest - I expected LA to be like seeing an episode of Bold and the Beautiful in real life. For those of you that have touched down in LA know that the airport and its surroundings are not quite like that. In fact, FAR from it. But, we had a fun time today. Both of us just wanted to sleep, so we walked as though we were on autopilot all day. At Nat's advice, we decided we would go down to Santa Monica and if time permitted, we went down to Vence Beach. These both featured heavily in the Lonely Planet guide, so we went.

Below are some pics from today. Please forgive the photos - they haven't been edited and cropped.

My beautiful wife before leaving Melbourne

Mum and Dad came to see us off (and have coffee and cake)

First land seen for thirteen-ish hours. Certainly a sight for sore eyes. 

Awesome place for lunch. Mexican. The Corona went down VERY easy.

My beautiful honey at lunch on the beach.

The Apple temple in Santa Monica.

I nearly fell off my feet when I saw this shop in the US (my fave in Australia)

Venice Beach. A WEIRD, WEIRD WEIRD place. If you have been there, you will understand. But, we enjoyed the walk and the melting pot we saw.

Waiting to board plane for Salt Lake City now. Stampin Up - here we come.


  1. Hey guys, thanks for sharing your adventure, I love melting pots and people watching, so i must go to Venice Beach oneday. Great Pics, and Kylie looks so beautiful. Love Mandy

  2. Well well well, we were beginning to think you were not really going to the US of A.
    We thought you were just going to blog your 2001 Odyssey. Happily, we were wrong. ... And we agree, LA is nothing like its Hollywood persona. Looking forward to many more blogs... PS, we do love your Eames DC110 chair... Lloydnalex

  3. Really? I didn't know TYPO was your favorite store! I'm neither did the rest of the pioneer school.
    Miss ya,
    James & In


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