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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Rest Day?

Today was a rest day. But, we really didnt rest. Maybe a better name could be 'Own Arrangements Day?' We had a mild sleep in and almost missed breakfast. Kylie didnt eat anything again. She is really suffering from Altitude sickness. But, as usual, she looked at thing in a positive light 
I miss my babies!!!! There have been dogs all over town and we stop and talk to every one of them. I saw on Instagram the other day that they are having fun (they don't have their own Instagram account - my mum posted them - thanks Mum) 
Next to the restaurant, there was a sign for something called a Funicular. Id never heard of it before. But, this is what it is. Its to take people up the mountain the quick way. Was way cool (oh, man, Im starting to sound american). Its basically a tram that runs on a slope (and, one part of it almost runs vertical).
Down the bottom of the Funicular, there is another lobby to the hotel. It also is beautiful. 
Ski runs in every direction. This place is beautiful now, and I can only imagine how nice it is in Winter.
So, then we went to the Outlet Mall. We didnt even get half way through it. Soooooo cheap! We spent the most time (and probably the most money) in the first shop -Tommy Hilfiger. I have never bought anything from Tommy (from Thailand doesnt count).
The satisfied look after shopping.
Then, after shopping, we went to this nice little town with a historic strip called Main Street in Park City. While we were there, the street was overtaken by little leaguers and they were swapping badges. Mark - you would have appreciated it. Unfortunately, this was towards the end of the day and we were over taking photos. And, it was more than 35 degrees.
Park City
At Park City I had a glass (loosely called glass) of Baa Baa Black Stout.
Hmmmmm. Did we really buy this much?
When we got back, Kylie was not feeling well still, so she had some oxygen treatment for the altitude sickness. It takes 12-36 hours to work, so we will see if it had an effect.
It was in the Spa. And, she is wearing one of her new dresses. She played Candy Crush and almost got past the level that I have been stuck on for a few weeks.
While she was there, I went to the pool. It was beautiful. I dont think you would appreciate seeing me in swimmers (NOT speedoes).
Every time I walk past the lobby, it just amazes me. Its so beautiful.
One of the amazing details of the hotel.
So, when we were riding up the funicular, there was a guy who is a mountain biker (is the word biker a verb? Do you BIKE a BIKE? Or do you RIDE a BIKE? I think title should be Mountain Bike Rider - but thats not really important to the story). Anyway, he said "Are you guys staying at the St Regis?" We responded in the affirmative. And, then he proceeded to give us a voucher for dinner at the restuarant for a three course meal. And, let me tell you it was NOT cheap! And tonight was the only night that we had to provide our own meal.

I chose the Alaskan Halibat. It had a glaze of miso and some Japanese Fruit (tasted like Passionfruit). Was AH-MAY-ZING! The entree was a watermelon gazpacho which was TD4 (to die for).
 And, then, came to the room and there was another present. Nothing for me this time though.

Some craft products for KJ
Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. I think it's cruel to prevent dogs from having their own Instagram account... Shame on you.

  2. Bruno, it looks like when you arrive in Québec we may need to de-Americanise (sorry, de-Americanize) you!
    Nice use of the blog, looks like a great trip you guys are having. Cya soon! -gw&h

  3. Ooh i want to see some American doggies!

  4. Shopping in the US is amazing - we went NUTS at a well known huge DFO type place in Upstate New York called Woodbury Common - most New Yorkers know about it so if you are over that way you MUST check it out. Buy up big on linen - apparently its the thing to buy according to a helpful Qantas check guy. At Woodbury Common we got Ralph Lauren bath sheets for US$14!!!! - Liz P :-)


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