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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Its OFFICIAL!!!!!!

We are NOT young anymore.
We have been in town for two days now. The temperature is rarely under 30. And, look at the forecast for where we are going.
Dont let the 21 fool you. Its 21 degrees NOW! At 11pm.
I think the sleep debt, heat exhaustion and general exhaustion caught up with us today. Enough about that.....

It was the final day of the Stampin' Up convention today. Ended with the usual fanfare of indoor fireworks and glitter from the ceiling. It made me feel like I just won Australian Idol or some other tv competition show.
I felt like singing some power ballad. Or 'Be The Difference'
Additionally, Kylie and I made the highlights video (dancing of course) and our smiling faces were projected on the enormous screen for all to see.

So, aside from convention, we just walked the streets for a while to and from the convention and then home. On the first day, the walking was great. But, now, the walking is just OPPRESSIVE in the heat. Here is a few samples of what we did.

My new fave shop. It has the BEST organic produce/deli/fresh food section I have EVER seen.

At the checkout, there was a stand for FIREWORKS! Note what the big box in the middle is named? Maybe Katy Perry was telling the truth?? Man, I crack myself up.

Why do I have to pose for every photo? Why cant I just stand there? Or, why do I feel the need to be in every photo?

By day

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  1. Another great post filled with brilliant pics! Enjoy that heat cause its SO cold here it feels like it could snow brrrrrrr.

  2. Great pics - thanks for sharing!!!! Love that you were in the video!!!

  3. Thanks bruno just love your news. In fact at the end I kept thinking " is that all!!" But look I know you are so busy enjoying the moment!! The big day tomorrow we are very excited. Meeting at franks place for champagne at 2pm so that will be nice. What an amazing city Edinburgh is that is for sure.
    Keep having fun. !!

  4. Loving the blog and photos. Keep 'em coming, and keep having fun! - Liz P


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