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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Japan Day 4 - Kyoto - Kanazawa

Today, we did alot of travelling. We went to the Tojibo Sea Cliff. The locals really loved it. But, to us Australians, its was abit ..... Meh! And, wherever there is tourists, there is shops. But, to end the day, we went to the Higashi-Chaya Tea House District, which was just gorgeous! You will notice quite a few photographs of that area! And then we went to the hotel. Our itinerary never coincided with the local congregation meetings, so we never got to a meeting in the 10 days (we HAD meeting in the hotel - that is coming up soon). So, as we were travelling to the city (Kyoto and Kanazawa), the local brothers were called and they met up with us at the hotel. It was so nice! So, enjoy this day in Japan!

Things to look out for;

  • One of the sisters that we met from Kyoto. She was one that we went to the show with the night before and they came to meet us again the next morning to wave goodbye to us. It was so moving!
  • To make us forget that we were driving for hours, we did Karaoke IN THE BUS! I reluctantly shared in this activity. So did Kylie! They had a very limited selection of Engrish songs. But, there were THOUSANDS of Japanese songs. A funny thing happened when the tour guide (not a JW) played 'Happy Birthday To You!' - she couldnt understand why nobody wanted to sing and everyone was saying 'NEXT!'
  • There is one photo in the group of photos of the tea house district that I just loved! In real life, the timber shimmered like it was gold. We werent able to capture it in photos, but I made a few versions of the same photo to try to explain how beautiful it looked!
  • There were quite a few restaurants in Japan where you cook your own food. It was a mini BBQ in each table. It was quite an experience!
  • At the same restaurant, there were a large variety of desserts. There was one that was a gluggy type that was described as resembling a breast implant (thats what it looked like).
  • Again, a single bed.
  • Some of the local brothers from Kanazawa. The young brother in the photo had these small plaques and he was writing in Japanese characters our favourite aspect of the fruit (is that the correct terminology we use now?) Instead of that, I got him to write out my favourite scripture which is Malachi 3:10,11.
I have some really exciting days coming up, so watch out for them!


  1. I nearly fell on the floor laughing when I read about the reluctant Karaoke singing! I wonder if it's their climate, the type of tree used or how they look after it that makes their timber look so beautiful. Those photos make me want to watch Memoirs of a Geisha. Beauty in an urban setting.

  2. Hello Bruno. Kylie directed me to your blogspot and Im so glad she did. You captured some wonderful Japanese images. I loved the pics of the buildings especially the one with the japaneses writing over it that resembled an aussie pub in a funny kind of a way. I burst out laughing at the "Engrish". We have had quite a few japanese homestays and all my kids have been to japan. My eldest daughter was constantly called Rarissa and my son was Mitcheru. They simply cannot say 'elle'.

    Lovely pictures of you and Kylie together down by the water.


  3. Thousands would believe that you were a reluctant participant in the karoake but I don't !! This trip was just first of many I am sure about that ......hope I get to come on a few with you xx


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