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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Japan - Day 1

Hi Everyone!

We have some work going on at the Kingdom Hall, so I have been a bit preoccupied. BUT, I have gotten to editing our photos up to Day 3 of Japan. And, here are the selection of DAY 1 - Japan.

Now, Day 1 of Japan was not that extensive. You see, most of it was spent in Korea! We left about lunch time and then flew into Osaka. There were aboout 100 on our Japan tour and most stayed in for the night. But, one bus went into Osaka and saw a real city! The girls looked like cartoon characters - it was quite a sight! Im pretty sure that the tour guides took us to a red light district. Anyway, here is a brief summary of where we went in Osaka!

Some things to look out for;
  • Girl in the red top is Laura (from Brisbane) and the girl in the Cyan top is Shorna (also, from Brisbane). One of the photos of Shorna is in the 100 Yen shop (equivalent to $2 but EVERYTHING in the shop is 100Yen - it as SOOOOOO cool!).
  • One of the shots shows a little Japanese lady in the front of a building - we stopped that lady to ask where we could get some Okomiyaki (Japanese traditional savoury pancake). Instead of telling us where we could get that, she took us to a Sashimi restaurant and PAID FOR ALL SIX OF US!
  • At the front of every restaurant was a little display of what food is served in that particular place - the display is ALL PLASTIC! It was so cool!
  • There is a shot of Kylie and I in our dressing gowns. Every hotel in Japan had cotton Yukata to wear (in additon to the bath robes.) These are used as pyjamas.
  • The last few shots in the album show the COOL hotel we were staying in! As you will see in some upcoming days, most of the rooms we stayed in Japan had SINGLE beds (I forgot how sound my sleep used to be! lol!) Anyway, there was bit of a mix-up at this hotel and we were actually given SEPARATE ROOMS! On SEPARATE FLOORS! So, Kylie, having worked in the hotel industry in the past immediately looked at which floors the rooms were on. We took the higher level (I think it was the 23 floor) and as it turned out, that was on the EXECUTIVE LEVEL! The room was REALLY nice! I tried to make myself a coffee in that room using coffee and a plunger I bought from Australia. I grabbed what I thought was a sugar sachet and put it in. Turns out, it was instant Miso Soup. Not the greatest taste sensation!



  1. That was such a fun day!! I am so glad that we got to see Osaka city. We almost missed out.

  2. glad you enjoyed your Japanese leg of the trip guys. miss you all. Mark and Rosa

  3. Some really nice food shots. I wouldnt mind trying some of it. Miso soup instead of coffee. Oh. How horrific. Otherwise well done with the executive level.


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