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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Japan Day 2 - Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto

I know - it seems SOOOO long ago that we were away. But, we had such a blast and I want to share it with you (in case anyone is still looking at this blog.)

Some things to look out for;

  • First few shots are from our hotel room (see last blog).
  • Osaka Castle Park - we didnt go outside, but it was SPECTACULAR to look at. I went a bit crazy with the colours of this place. It was such a MASSIVE place.
  • I cant remember the name of the bridge (can any of our readers help?) but it is a replica of the SanFran Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Some cool guys from our bus - John and Lauren from Frankston and Wayne and Ilona from .... somewhere in Melbourne.
  • We went to a Sake Brewing factory. Its nice - locals dont seem to like it much, but I didnt mind it. Its nicer served warm.
  • Went to Chintatown (does every city have one of these?) and a shopping district. Met a local brother. There was all of these exclusive shops specifically designed for tourists. We asked someone where the nearest 100Yen shop was and we walked about 10 minutes to get there. Then we had to RUN to get back to the bus (we were late, but we werent the last ones to arrive back.)
  • Arrive in Kyoto. Went to the top of the tower and that was AMAZING! Cities in Japan seem to go ON and ON!
  • Kobe Earthquake site - the city has been rebuilt, but there is part that has been left as a monument.
I have just completed editing photos from a Tea House district and without sounding like a braggart - those photos are GREAT! Look out for those in coming days!

Miss You All!


  1. What a holiday! You didn't take too many pics of that was so ornate, i woulda been just as obsessed! The other pics are very cool, love the one of kylie on the 'watchtower bus', v cute kj! Cant wait to see you guys & have you explain all the photos, im not one who gets bored of other ppls holiday pics! LOL XX

  2. What is your camera BB? Is it in the photography or the editing that you can get those vibrant colours? One day I'll do a photography class although I think the new system will be here before I get around to it!

  3. It was just so so much fun!! It seems so long ago I can believe how time flies. I will never forget this trip though. It feels like I have to see the photos to remember what we did it was such a whirlwind tour.
    We do have a really great camera Rach, but also a very good editing program too. Between the both of them the photo's come up so vibrant.

  4. Once again, great pics. Yes Japan does go on and on in regard to the buildings. Saki. Yuk. My kids all hated it. But they were forced to have it when they were there. Interesting that you found it okay.
    I really liked Kylie's hair in that picture standing next to the very big round "thing". I believe the 100 yen shops are a blast.

  5. Once again great slide show both look just beautiful1!! Oh and so do the photos!!


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