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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Japan Day 3 - Kyoto, Gion

Hopefully, you arent getting sick of these photos. We are up to DAY 4 now, and this was an eventful day. We visited the Hotsu River (we went on the Rickshaw Ride here), visited a Gold Temple (Kiyomizu Temple) and Heian Shrine (the orange one) and then we went to the Gion Geisha District. Before your eyebrows are raised, it was explained to us that Geisha are not prostitutes, but rather entertainers (though this is still uncertain.) That night, we went to a shown in Gion which was had some Geisha in it (as you will see in photos).

Some things to look out for (sorry they are not in order - I had to reorder the photos so that they were in chronological order);
  • Belinda is eating GREEN TEA ice cream - i know it sounds terrible but I LOVED IT!
  • We didnt know why the man was standing out the front of the orange temple and why he held a knife to my neck. But, at least Kylie took a photo of it! I guess - only in Japan????
  • We spent most of the time with Belinda & Emmanuel and David & Bronwyn (see the group photo with six people)
  • Lawsons is a convenience store across the road from our hotel - it has EVERYTHING (and really cheap). There was even a heated section in the fridge so you could get a can of coffee ..... HOT! I guess, only in Japan can you get something hot from the fridge.
  • After a long day touring, what better way to relax and unwind by going to one of the many electronics stores and trialling the massage chairs ..... FOR FREE!
  • The large group shot - that was the group that went to see the Geisha show. This is the show we went to see. There is one photo with men dressed in black with a puppet. That was really interesting.
Until the next installment...


  1. Another GREAT post BB! I really like the pics too, I like how you zoom in on the little details so we can see them cause you'd miss it otherwise, makes it interesting! P.s. the house on the street that you took like 10 pics of, I like the sepia look the best! Till next post...

  2. You don't look too confident with that knife to your throat - but then I don't think I would be either. A Samauri wannabe maybe? And how funny are you guys chilling in the chairs! Great photos :)

  3. It would appear that you all were having a really great time. All those smiles and funny moments. Well captured Bruno. Loved the comfy looking relax chairs.

    I hope you bought Kylie a Geisha outfit for your own private entertainment? Hehe.

  4. Oh my those massage chairs look soooo good! Wonderful photos again so many lovely buildings.


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