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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Korea Day 3-6 - THE CONVENTION!!!!

I was going to upload a whole heap of photos and explain them - but the pictures explain themselves. We have a WONDERFUL international brotherhood! And, there is no better place to experience that than at an international convention! So, there is about 40 pictures in this slideshow, so if you have time and the desire - have a look!

I added a few photos that are really special!

Do you remember this issue of the WT magazine? Do you notice anything different about it? This couple are from a country where the work is restricted and the WT magazine is banned. But, as you can see, the good news still gets there. We have it so good here in Australia! Lets continue to pray for those who face restrictions.

You might remember me talking in a few of my posts about brothers who refuse military service and as a result face jail terms. This will put a face to that! Both of these brothers will be going to prison in about six months. Please continue to pray for them. If any of you would like to contact them and send them messages, I would be happy to pass on their details and they would be delighter to receive your messages. We all look abit teary in this photo because this is one of the many occasions that we had a cry together! The brother on the left (Soo Min) and I exchanged lapel cards.

I mentioned in my previous posting that there were brothers and sisters 'assigned' to our hotel to make sure that we were ok. This is all of them. The blue bow ties were to help us to recognize them. They were so helpful!

The local brothers were so warm and used every opportunity to thank us and make us feel welcome. It was so very emotional!

The Sunday night of the convention, the local Incheon English Congregation hosted us for a night of hospitality. They showed us a film about the neutrality issue in Korea, played some music for us and we had some experiences related. It was so wonderful! In addition to some of the Australian brothers, there were some from Guam and .... somewhere else in Micronesia. Such a nice evening.

I want to upload some video footage from after the final prayer. It was the most amazing experience. There were the new Kingdom Songs being played over the speakers and everyone was waving and crying and hugging - it was a moment we both will NEVER forget! Anyway, I have to work out how I can do it without it taking three hours to upload ..... so stay tuned!

After that, I will get going with Japan. But, as for Korea, aside from the video, thats all folks.


  1. A truly wondeful post Bruno, thank you so much for sharing, I really felt the love and got a little emotional too.. I'm truly grateful we have the truth and would never want to be anywhere else. Big hugs

  2. That was lovely Bruno and very interesting and as Viv says the love is everywhere.

    The photos were great too. Thanks you have been very busy doing this.

  3. Hey Brunski, that was a great post! That sign 'see you in paradise' made me teary so i can only imagine how you guys felt! Cant wait to see you both soon & hear more. XX

  4. Hi bruno! I came to know your blog from Min Ho. I'm surprised that you posted my photo wioth you in your blog. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to seeing photos and hearing your news from our blog. Did you get my second e-mail? I don't know if you got or not.
    I miss all heaps you and kylie.
    See you.- Soo Min

  5. The main thing that comes through for me is a real connection and shared friendship and ties with peace and faith. Such happiness. Wonderful.

  6. Hi Bruno couple!
    This is Minho, do you remember me^^?
    I am sorry for being late to give you comment. i knew this web site but i didn't know how to write down visiter massage!

    How have you been? I can't forget the time we had together during convention.
    Sumin and I am ok and we just have vacation from school.

    I got your E-mail 2 times and returned mail. did you get it? I am not sure if you checked it or not.

    anyway i hope your reply if you see this comment!

    take care! we and Incheon English Congregation are missing you!


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