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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farewell Japan!

Sorry it has been so long since the last post.

Our last 2 hotels have not had Internet (that I could find with Japanese signs everywhere). We stayed in 2 different hotels that were in absolutely amazing countryside settings (I cant tell you where they were, because all of the place names are melding into one big unpronounceable Japanese name). In both of them, there was Onsen which is so relaxing.

We went to Japan Bethel a few days ago and yesterday, we went to Tokyo DisneySea (next to DisneyLand). We had an AMAZING day, and we hadnt planned it, so we LOVED it! And, now, we are at the airport waiting to go to Thailand. We desprately are in need or relaxation! Both Kylie and I have been sick and run down (I guess thats why we have those Assembly parts about vacations......) but we are looking forward to being in Thailand. So, Phases 1 and 2 of our trip are complete and Phase 3 is upon us now.

We posted back our third parcel today, so we have room in our suitcase for Thailand items (Judy - can you send the details of your tailor).

Thanks for all your comments! We miss you all and cant wait to upload some photos! Im looking forward to this years Australian Idol. I just checked who got through to the Top 12 and it should be a good year (yes, I know, I am sad........)


  1. Sounds like loads of fun! Baden and I were checking the box out today....Baden wants to know if he can open it!

  2. glad you guys are having a great time and hope you enjoy Thailand.have a safe trip back to aussie land soon. look forward to seeing some photos too. mark and rosa

  3. Well you def have not changed since we saw eachother 6yrs ago..... 3 boxes sent back ... Go the shopping, I am so so jealous :). As for Australia Idol, to be honest I was devastasted Kyle Sandilands is no longer there (probably the only person in Australia who is), but the new guy is actually very impressive. Have fun, your trip is truly a trip of a life time, you are so lucky to have travelled with so many brothers and sisters. Love mandy and tony

  4. Hi Guys so what do you think about being Aunty and Uncle AGAIN ......great isn't it? And to think this baby is due in your month too.....June!!

    Can't wait to see you both in a couple of weeks and hear all your news and see you. Sorry to hear you haven't been well as not good when you are travelling.

  5. When are you coming HOME!! Missing you heaps but glad you're having such a great time away. Love you lots XXX

  6. Gosh Bruno. I still don't who is in idol and Ive been back in the country for two weeks. Hehe.

    My goodness. All those experiences. How can you choose the highlight. It sounds like you had way too good a time. And I bet every cent was worth it. congrats on your most wonderful trip.


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