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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to reality....

Well .... not quite yet!

We spent five nights in Phuket (which was great - photos are coming ..... I promise!) and now we are on our way home. We had an overnight flight from Bangkok, slept literally 15 minutes and then spent the day in Tokyo today. We are both absolutely WRECKED out of our mind and and we are waiting for our long back home. There is so much I didnt tell you about. Our tour, especially, was done at lightening speed and I wont remember things until we have photos and film footage (we have four 4 gig memory cards from one camera, two 2 gig cards from the other and five hours of video footage to sort through.

One thing I will tell you about briefly from Thailand was that we rode an elephant! It was VERY exciting! Ill try to upload the video when we get home!

So, we should be back in Melbourne tomorrow morning (sorry, i dont even know what day it is!) Hopefully, we are able to sleep on the flight tonight!

Missing you all.....


  1. Cant wait to see you guys and hear all your stories!

    Have a safe flight and hope you get some sleep! Its thurs btw! LOL!

  2. hi brulie. how did your holidays go? thailand and all. did check your blog every now and again. sounds like you had an exellent time. catch up soon with you one day we hope

  3. Well riding an elephant is definitely the thing to do! Cannot wait to see your pics.
    I fully understand about being "wrecked". However you just have to keep on going. Did you catch up on heaps of sleep when you got home. I know I did.


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