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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally ..... Some Photos!

I have bowed to pressure and finally edited some of the photos .... I have completed Korea, so only Japan and Thailand to go. Here they are...

When we came out of customs in Seoul, there were about .... a hundred I guess. They were clapping, holding banners, gave everyone a flower welcoming us. Our friend Lucy, who went to a convention in the US, told us about this welcome and says she gets teary whenever she even thinks about it. So, we knew SOMETHING was going to happen. But, it was all VERY overwhelming. Just the START of the Korean OUTSTANDING hospitality! All of the Sisters were in the traditional dress (Han-bok). It was a VERY memorable evening! Our plane got in at about 10 at night and the word on the street was that there had been brothers at the airport since 8am that morning welcoming all of the delegates from the 25 countries represented.
We met these girls while we were lining up for the flight from Tokyo to Seoul. They were Japanese (not with the tour group and not witnesses). Kylie was practising her quasi-Japanese and they were very sweet. We met up with them after we arrived in Korea. They couldnt understand what was happening and why there were so many people welcoming. We tried to explain, but they were Japanese and had to take photos. We invited them to the convention and hoped they would come.

We had a free day in Seoul before our group tour started. So, here are some shots of what we saw! It was a very overcast day, so the photos turned out very drab (thats why I LOVE Photoshop!)

Sampling local street cusine (might I add, we didnt get sick due to food once!)

This was quite a cool place we visited! We caught a cable car up to the top of a mountain at the edge of town (or, what WE thought was the edge of town) to a lookout. The city you can see beyond is city we didnt know existed! Seoul was such a MASSIVE city! Anyway, at this lookout, couples prfess their love to each other, write their name on a lock, lock their padlock to the barrier and throw the key over the edge. Apparently, they will always be together after following this ritual......
Our friends (also from Melbourne) arrived and we spent heaps of time with them (Belinda and Emmanuel).

We went for a tour of Korea Bethel. Here are the stats for Korea. Its pretty amazing! More than 30% are regular pioneers.
Im getting tired now, so Ill finish later! Enjoy!


  1. Wow and WOW BB and KJ!! We have enjoyed your first installment! What an experience....see, Jah truely blesses those that put him first! This will stay with you both always.
    Love all of us xxxx

  2. LOVED seeing those photos, am SO glad your back! What a wonderful holiday that must have been!! Missed you both heaps XXX

  3. Those traditional dresses look stunning. Great that you did not get sick once from the food. Amazing actually. You hear so much about "street food" that is so negative. Well done.


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