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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sorry, did we just visit French?

Before you tell me - I know its wrong. I was highlighting the point that after the first four days of the cruise, we are SOOOOOO exhausted! Three days of FULL-ON excursions compounded with our rapid aging along with doing Karaoke most nights are not a good mix. But, yes, we did visit French ..... I mean France.

The ship was stopping twice in the south of France - Cannes and Marseilles. And, Kylie and I were not planning on getting off the ship and planned to just lounge around and relax. But, both Kylie and I have a serious case of FOMO so both days, we got off the ship and had a wander.


This was beautiful. We had to take a tender vessel to get on shore as there isn't a port per-se. By the time we got down to the gangway, there was no line so we were able to hop on and catch the small boat to shore (about ten minutes).

Like my new Stampin' Up! cap? I love it! Thanks Shelli/Sara!
Was a VERY nice town on the water. Lots of luxury yachts!

So, oddly enough, it had been a few hours since we ate breakfast. So, we had a feeling that we hadn't felt for about four days on the cruise ...... hunger! We didn't know where to eat - which is where Trip Advisor is AWESOME!!!

The place that we ate was called L'Epicurieux and met all of our expectations (and more). We arrived and then two more groups from Stampin' Up! arrived at the same restaurant and said 'Trip Advisor told us to come here.'

A photo posted by ब्रूनो (@mynameisbrunob) on

We thought we would order a small lunch. We ordered a salad with camembert, a meat plate and wanted to try something really French - steak tartare. A small lunch was what we THOUGHT we were getting.

Rather than being a salad with Camembert, it was a salad and an entire round of baked Camembert (with honey and pine pine nuts drizzled). It was delicious. But, I felt like a contestant from the Biggest Loser eating it. And, the meat platter was big enough for us to order it alone. 

The steak tartare was absolutely delicious. We saw the chef make it. It was hand cut using a slicer and seasoned to perfection. I really didn't think I would enjoy it - but I LOVED it.

We left a lot of our lunch because we simply couldn't fit it in. If you know me - I never admit defeat and leave food on my plate. But, I simply could not finish it. I needed to walk .....A LOT! But, we went past a Macaron shop that I couldn't pass up.

Everything about this shop was beautiful.

I still needed to walk so we walked to a lookout to see all of Cannes. It was well worth the effort - it is a stunning city.

Kylie tried on some shorts (and we ended up buying them). So, then we started walking to the beach and decided to take a photo with the cruise ship in the background. We wanted to use the camera and we were going to ask someone to take it.

Kylie says 'Do you have the camera?'
I didn't. And, either did she.

Oh no! Twice in one holiday?

'I must have left it in the change room' Kylie said. So, I raced back to the store and there it was. Close call.....

So, then, after all that - we took this picture.

Before we got back on the ship, we did a casual stroll along the main street.

McDonalds has prime position in town. I understand that its a cheap meal - but it boggles the mind that people can be on the French Riviera and eat McDonalds. I suppose they will be ordering French Fries.....

We walked past this florist and thought 'Patty would love these flowers!' I loved them and wished that we could take some plants home with us.


We had an extra long sleep in today ..... AND, the 'ALL ABOARD' was extra early. So, we didn't have much time at all in Marseilles.

It was another beautiful city by the water and lots more luxury boats/yachts. One thing we spotted from far away was this;

So, without thinking too much about it, we went on.

How did that go Bruno? Wanna see?

As terrifying as it was for me - lets be clear it was only when the wheel STOPPED..... at the TOP. Kylie - not so much. She happily snapped pictures of the beautiful view.

I managed to take my hands of the sides for long enough to take this pic of KJ.

We weren't too hungry, but there was always time for Gelati. This was spectacular. The flavours were awesome but what was even more impressive was the way that the icrecream was presented. It was like each flavour was a separate quenelle.

And, then, back on the boat..... I can't believe that its all over tomorrow. Sad.

But, last thing we did on the boat was go to the Ice Bar. As the title suggests, its pretty cold in there (-12 degrees celsius in fact - which is 10F). Thats why we were issued the coats.....

A photo posted by ब्रूनो (@mynameisbrunob) on

Here is a Google pic of the room;

And, here are the crazy peeps that were in there at the same time we were....

And, thats all that happened on the cruise. Next stop .... Barcelona.

Thanks for reading.....


  1. Bahaha...that's hilarious KJ. "What's gonna happen if we fall?" "Yep we die." So matter-of-factly. Very empathetic. You forgot to include the hope of a resurrection... :-)

  2. You're in your rights to be terrified in the Ferris wheel .... I googled it and ... But of course there is the resurrection!!!

  3. Wow amazing. You've convinced us to go to the South of France next time! Love Annette & Trav

  4. So much fun! And so much PL material! Just curious though, there seem to be a lot of US demos who are back home already? How does that work?

  5. Keep up the posts. I'm loving them.

  6. Your blog is AWESOME! I'm loving being on holidays with you. Thank you ��

  7. Elizabeth PentlandJune 3, 2016 at 10:12 AM

    Enjoying your posts and your pics. Continue having fun!

  8. That is so me on ferris wheels. And so often I forget I hate them until I'm locked in and off and away! I've been showing H and J your France food pics (the dessert ones) and they're busting to go now. Happy travels Kylie and Bruno.


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