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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bonjour Monsieur

Of course, the flight from Barcelona to Paris was delayed.

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I decided that having a beard gets you too much attention by security at the airport. So, from now on, Im clean shaven while flying.

We were sooooo looking forward to some beautiful weather in Paris. Im sorry, but that was not going to happen....

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We caught our first Uber from the Airport to the City. We caught Uber once on the Gold Coast and never since then. And, as you might know, its a LONG way (the fare estimator for taxi is 60 Euros) and Uber was cheaper so we went with that. It was a FANCY car that picked us up. He packed the bags into the car in the rain, asked if our phones needed charging, asked if we wanted WiFi, gave us a bottle of water, lollies.....I totally felt hipster (for using Uber) and like a Celebrity with a driver. It was awesome!

Speaking of hipster - our AirBnB was in a totally cool area. If you know Paris, it was in the 3rd/4th Arrondissement. It was an apartment that was one block from the Pompidou Centre.

Our Apartment for the week

The Pompidou Centre
Have you ever booked with AirBnB? Do it! It such a good alternative to staying in a hotel. Ive explained why I love it in previous posts so I won't go into it again. But, one thing people ask is 'How do you get the keys?' Good question.....

In New York, the directions were 'Go to the bakery on the corner and ask 'Can I please have the keys to X address?'
In other cities, the host has met us.
This time, here were the directions we received;

ATTENTION : the keys will be available for you in the Security Office (in red), just in front of the bulding. (door number 6 of the street) You have to ask the keys of the apartment XX (ou XXBN) of the 7 Bernard de Clairvaux.
French pronunciation : 
"Bonjour, c'est pour les clés de l'appartement XX du sept bernard de Clairvaux s'il vous plait" 
With the keys, there is a green magnetic badge that allows to pass the 2 main doors of the building.
Wait - what? Do we have to ask someone for the keys - IN FRENCH? Yeah, Kylie, this ones for you!

Kylie went in to get the keys and.....

Somehow, the guard understood what she said and she came out with our keys! Lol!
On thing about this apartment that I loved (read - NEEDED) was having a washing machine! Man, Ive never been so excited to see a washing machine.

The entry of our apartment building

Our street in the rain

We had a supermarket close by so Kylie popped down to have a look. She messaged me this photo;

In the message she asked 'Can I buy them all?'

This was our first lunch in Paris;

So, with the preceding week, the weather, the flight and delay - we needed sleep! But, it wold have to wait. I had booked a dinner cruise for us that first night.

It was a great introduction to the city - and we were yet to cast our eyes on the Eiffel Tower, so we were looking forward to seeing it on this cruise. The view was simply spectacular. There is so much history in the city, so much to see on the river cruise. But, there is always time to check Pinterest.....

Kylie is going to kill me for posting this picture. I have a collection of photos of her in different places around the world using Pinterest. Is there such a thing as 'Pinterest Anonymous?' hahahah!

We started chatting to the couple next to us - they were visiting from the US. The 'official' photographer came around and took pictures in really dumb poses. We had fun posing for her but of course we didn't buy any of her '$20 per print' photos. When she was taking pics of the couple next to us, I took a sneaky pic.

Taken on my iPhone..... which they also had so I air-dropped it to them. They loved it more than the pics she took of them.

So, we were on this cruise and Kylie said to me 'I don't think we will be going past the Eiffel Tower - we would have seen it by now.'

And then ...... we saw it!

This was our first view of it! It was simply breathtaking. I have to admit - I had tears in my eyes. It is simply a beautiful sight to see (particularly at night). Weirdly, the music on the cruise was timed based on location and at this particular moment, Alicia Keys and Jay Z 'New York' was playing. I get the connection - but it was just weird.

We got closer and here are some more pics from our first viewing;

And, then, just as we were passing, THIS happened....

It was amazing! And, on that note - we were finally able to get to sleep!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I noticed you have a guitar in the room. You can practice your next talk. Too late to apologize and forgiven not forgotten. 😂

  2. I noticed you have a guitar in the room. You can practice your next talk. Too late to apologize and forgiven not forgotten. 😂

  3. FIVE cheeses, plus dips and Nutella for your first Paris lunch? Enjoy!!

  4. You must give me the details of the cruise. It looks fabulous.

  5. I think we must've done the same Seine river cruise. It lit up for us like a crazy thing when we went past. Pure perfection. I grinned from ear to ear for dayz. ✨😍🙌🏼
    We stayed in the 4th arrondissment fo 10 days. 😥**sniff** Je t'aime Paris, Mwaa😘

  6. Ahhhh, Paris. Is there s more beautyful city anywhere in the world???

  7. There's always time to Pinterest

  8. I just don't get Pinterest ... or Twitter ;-)


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