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Monday, June 6, 2016

7 DAYS - come and gone so fast....

I can't believe that the cruise has finished! Like really finished. It seems like yesterday that we were boarding but seven days later, the cruise is over. But, as you have read, we fit some JAM-PACKED activities into those seven days. Its so funny that we planned to relax on the cruise - but when you are visiting some AMAZING ports, you have to take advantage of them.....

So, after getting off the ship, we arrived back in Barcelona. We got off the ship pretty early, but our check-in wasnt until 11am. So, we had some time to kill looking for free wifi (all you travellers know service in unimportant, but FREE WIFI is KING).

A photo posted by ब्रूनो (@mynameisbrunob) on

This was an interesting place ..... we didn't stay here for long. It was early Sunday morning and there had just been a soccer match the night before and everyone was talking about that (from what I could understand). We were our on the street and the place seemed to be popular with regulars (older men), one of which kept looking at us as if to say 'You are sitting at my table.' Or maybe, we were making his internet run slow......

We had arranged an AirBnB apartment, which was cool. Here is a pic of the apartment;

It was very accurate. Though the photo was obviously professionally shot. lol. It was great to have a normal sized bed. If I could make one comment about the bed on the ship it was  that it was wide enough - maybe even King Size width. It was SUPER comfortable. However, it was weirdly shaped at the bottom of the bed (i.e. rounded at the corners). I am by no means 'tall' - either is Kylie. But, at times, both of our feet were hanging off the end. I tell you this story because this bed was amazing!

Our final night in Barcelona, we asked our AirBnB host for a recommendation for Tapas and Sangria.

I promise this wasnt all my food.....

One of the reasons we went to this place was that they have a white sangria;

A photo posted by ब्रूनो (@mynameisbrunob) on

We had never heard about it and the Catalan speaking waited had no idea what we meant. So, we googled it and found out that its Cava and he knew exactly what we wanted. Cava (not the Cava from Fiji) is basically a white sparkling wine from this region. The verdict? It was AMAZING! But, then again, so is the red sangria!

We had an early start the next day, so back to our accommodation. One last thing - I saw this and had to take a sneaky-pic....

A timeless, ageless universal language. Not sure if you can make it out but this older couple are sitting the in the street in Barcelona both playing Candy Crush. Made me totes lol!

Where to next? Paris!!!! Yay!


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