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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Renovation - Complete ........ well, almost

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It seems like an eternity ago, but its been just over a week since the first meeting back in the newly renovated Kingdom Hall. As the title suggested, it isnt fully complete. The new chairs have not yet arrived, so the existing chairs were put back inside. The new chairs are going to look fantastic. So, once they are in place, Ill take some proper photos. But, until then, here are some pics for you.

Carpet tiles laid and looks fantastic! Funny that it looks alot the rendering (see previous post).
Feature Timber Panel
Love the new chairs and table. In fact, I love the chair so much that I bought one for our home.
Chairs back in the Kingdom Hall. They are green and dont look bad.
New Self-Serve magazine station and sliding notice board unit. New witnessing Artwork.
First meeting in renovated Kingdom Hall.

Now, did I tell you that Kylie and I are learning Hindi? That is the focus until we go on our trip.

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