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Monday, May 20, 2013

How Cool is my mother-in-law???

Some of you may not have met my mother-in-law - Gayle.
I have never met anyone so adventurous!
She lives part-time on the Gold Coast and part-time in the Keri-Keri on the beautiful Bay of Islands in New Zealand.
A few years back, she discovered house-swapping. Sounds terrifying - having people in your home. But, she has never had any troubles with people trashing her home. But, the good thing about house-swapping is that you get to stay in their home. She has stayed in places all over the world - free! How cool?
Anyway, the reason for this post is that in case you arent her friend on Facebook, you wont know where she is at the moment - at the Grand Canyon. She is so adventurous! Here are some pictures she has posted (hope you dont mind Gayle).

What a beautiful view!

Im sure she wouldnt mind me highlighting that as you can see, she is on the upper limit of the ages of people on this tour group. Gayle is super adventurous!

Did I mention that she was CAMPING on the base of the Grand Canyon?
So, at the outset, I mentioned that Kylie's mum does house swapping. This place is in suburban Las Vegas. This description is taken from her Facebook Post;
"This is just as you walk in the door of my house here in Vegas. It is real but any winnings stay in the house and if you run out of cash you have a key to get the money out."
So, one of the things that she is doing is spying out the land for us. As you would know, we are going to Las Vegas later in the year so she is looking out for us for places that we should visit!
And, this morning, Kylie and I were SUPER excited to open our emails to get a voucher from Gayle for a "Romance Package at The Venetian Hotel" - we are very spoilt! Thank-you VERY much Gayle! Have a fantastic trip.


  1. Love the photos!! Yes Mum is super adventurous we are glad that she is sussing out whats hot and whats not. Lol
    Thanks Mum you are the best!

  2. Thanks bruno a whole blog about me wow I am thrilled! Glad you like the gift that package was tailor made for you two!

    Great how you put it all together with just bits of things I had sent to you. Xx

  3. That's a beautiful post. So encouraging to hear you say good positive things about your MIL. Looks like an amazing adventure to go on.

  4. That is awesome! Go Gayle!!! Beautiful photos too, making for beautiful memories :-)


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