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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kingdom Hall Renovation

If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow my Instagram account, you will know that we are renovating our Kingdom Hall at the moment. For everyone else - guess what! We are renovating our Kingdom Hall at the moment!

I am on the local committee so there was alot of work done before the reno started and there has been an enormous amount of work since then. Here are a few photos (sorry if you have already seen them).
A rendering of what the stage will look like
A brother in one of the congs is an experienced Revit user. So, he was able to put together this rendering to give a sneak-peak of what the stage will look like. I cant wait! But before we get to that .......

Its not often that you see this in a Kingdom Hall

The stage was built of reinforced concrete - designed to last i guess? We wanted to add a ramp, so part of the stage needed to be demolished.

All of the wing walls have now been removed - to open up the stage
Stage is all one level now
Here is the new ramp.
Outside, there was a step which made it difficult for prams and wheelchairs.
Not anymore!
There was carpet to dado height - this has been removed. Between you and I - I was never really a fan of that.
The carpet was removed from the foyer, ready for new tiles.
So, that was from the first weekend. ALOT of work was achieved. Just three more weekends to go.


  1. Its so exciting to be part of our own hall reno!! It is going to look amazing.

  2. There is nothing like a quick build or renovation to bring us closer to each other in our own congregation and to meet new friends. Looking forward to seeing photos of the lovely finish.


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