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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Never ending day ...... ends in sleep!

Why hello! Thanks so much for stopping by.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, likely you have seen briefly what we are up to. We are having a blast!

First things first (Im a realist!) - we have arrived in Barcelona. If you live in Australia, you know that it takes AGES to get anywhere. And, this was no exception! We flew out a 21:45 and we arrived in our hotel room after 22:00 the next day. It was an EXHAUSTING day!

Dubai looks like a really interesting place. But, after a 13 hour flight and the prospect of another seven hours, the only thing that is interesting is a chair. Or a BED!

This is us just about to get onto our final leg.

Have I told you about my new Travel Jacket? Ill save that for another day. Anyway, this was the first outing for the jacket. And, the verdict? I LOVE IT!!!! Like, really, really, really love it!!! One of the features that I love is the hood with the built-in neck pillow and eye mask. So, Kylie took a picture of me wearing it

And, before you ask - YES, that is really how I looked on the plane. And, YES, it was amazing. And, NO, I didnt care.


Wow! And, once more I say - WOW!
Kylie found it on a discount website. It was AMAZING! The name was Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel.

How to describe it? Two towers joined together with stairs and walkways and gardens. Here is a video Kylie posted to her Facebook account.

And, here are some pics I took with our Sony NEX5N from our front door.

And, to explain a bit better, here is a google 'borrow.'

Inside the room - wow! Lots of clean lines, white and the most amazing detail of the windows.

Yes, that is a window. But look closer.....

The shape is created with off-form concrete. Ive NEVER seen anything like it!

As much as all we wanted to do was sleep, we decided to go to sleep normal time locally. So, grabbed a bottle of water and off sightseeing we went.


We decided to catch the metro. Awesome adventure. While we are on the train, she said 'what's that dripping on your foot?' It was water. It must be dripping from the ceiling. No, it's dripping from our bag. Annoying! Wait a second, isn't that the same bag that our camera is in? Our Sony NEX5N? Yes, it is.

We madly dried it off and waited a while before giving it a go. Nothing. Dried a bit more, waited a bit more. Nothing. Waited a bit longer.....NOTHING. So, wherever you are, can we have a minutes silence for our dear trusted companion/camera - the Sony NEX5n. Funny story - we hadnt even taken one photo using it after leaving the hotel.

Weird aspect of this story ..... while we were packing, Kylie was looking in a drawer and found our old digital camera. She said 'Remember this?' and of course I did. It was a trusty camera and we only stopped using it because the Sony camera was so awesome. Inexplicably, I suggested 'We should take this camera with us.' So, we did. And, as a result of this - we still have a camera to use on this trip.

Here is whats even weirder .... before we left, I made sure everything was charged and we had the chargers packed. Turns out, I didn't pack the charger for the Sony NEX5n. So, it would have been useless anyway without the charger. 

Where was I ..... thats right, on the tram. Just reaslised that our camera got wet. So, we arrived in town and went to La Rambla. Its so ..... Eurpoean. Such an awesome area. We are in Spain, so what did we have for dinner? Sangria and Paella.

A photo posted by ब्रूनो (@mynameisbrunob) on

And, then - as the title of this post suggests .... the never ending day ends in sleep. Apparently, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was snoring....

Gaudi Architectural Appreciation Day

When we were flying, Kylie was expressing to me how awesome it will be to sleep in on Saturday. Hmmmm - did she say Saturday? And, sleeping-in? Yeah - sorry Kylie, not going to happen. 'Did you forget that we are going on a tour on Saturday?' I asked her. I considered not reminding her that the tour I booked had a meeting time of 7:45 am.

I set the alarm at 6 and we made it. It wasnt really a stretch either. Here are some pics from the day;


I forget the architect of this buildings name. He was a contemporary of Gaudi. This was such a beautiful, beautiful building.

We checked into a new hotel tonight. The guy that checked us in saw that we lived in Melbourne. He used to live in Melbourne and loved Melbs so much that he gave us an upgrade. Gracias!

Onto the Norwegian Epic tomorrow. Wow! Cant wait for that......


  1. So, first things first, life cannot go on until I have that travel jacket ����
    Second, Spain looks amaze! Look forward to the next instalment! Love to KJ xxx

  2. Looks awesome guys. Happy travels.

  3. When in Rome...or Spain huh! Blake Shelton sings about sangria, but that's another story...
    That photo of the theatre and the ceiling - WOW! I'm not into architecture but that is amazing. Are you heading into Madrid at all? Or any other part of Spain? Keep posting BB. Make sure you post some coastal photos.

  4. Thanks for your time to posting your adventures. The tour was worth missing out on sleepin.the architecture is something we would never see hadn't been for your time and effort. Thank you

  5. So amazing, love the story about the cameras too. After such long flights you guys look great! Such amazing sights and favors too I imagine.

  6. Awesome Park Güell!!

  7. Elizabeth PentlandMay 25, 2016 at 2:11 PM

    Firstly, full instructional photos of the travel jacket in use please!
    Great photos - especially loved the stained glass roof (?) in the 2nd last, and the filtering light in the one 8th from the bottom

  8. Bruno and Kylie
    What an adventure your having. So jealous that you visited Gaudis' awesome buildings. As for the non Gaudi building that you loved so much, it is the 1905 Palau de la Música Catalana by architect Lluis Domènech i Montaner. Please tell me you visited Mies Van Der Rohes' Barcelona Pavilion....

  9. Nooooooo I loved that camera!!!!!! That's what travel insurance is for I spose.


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