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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ahoy there!

This trip is just happening VERY fast.

Before I knew it, we were on board of the Norwegian Epic. Sorry the posts have been rather sporadic. The internet on board makes me want to poke my eyes out. Right now, I'm up at 6am because the internet is best at this time....

The last cruise ship we went on was the Allure of the Seas, which as you might remember was MASSIVE with thousands and thousands of passengers. As you can imagine, the check-in process for that ship was horrendous. So, as we appraoched the port, I was expecting much the same. But, it completely didnt happen. This ship isnt as big. And, the check-in was similar to being at an airport. And, then we went onboard. It took about 25 minutes. It was super easy.

So, what was the first thing we did? Of course, eat!

We had the safety drill and then it was time for the sail-away party on the pool deck. We have a ‘no-lift’ policy on cruises. We find that inexplicably, we tend to eat alot on cruises. So, we find the constant walking up steps partially offsets the amount of eating we find ourselves doing.

We walked up about ten flights of steps to get to the pool deck and the skies were decidedly grey. This was very ominous. So, we went towards the music. And then - the skies opened. So, what were we to do?

Dance in the rain.

That was really fun. It reminded me of this quote;


Wanna see our room? Here are two pics of it;

Im glad we took the pics before we 'destroyed' it. Well, we didn't destroy it - it just looks a little 'less-tidy.' The pic below was taken from our balcony.....

We are here because of Stampin' Up! Kylie sells craft products and this trip was a reward for her doing so well. On the one and only sea day, there was a meeting for all of the achievers and their guests showcasing some new products etc. This pic was taken shortly afterwards;

The lady on the left of Kylie is Shelli Gardener. She is the co-founder and board-chair (and former CEO) of SU. The lady on the right of Kylie is Sara Douglass, the current CEO. It was nice chatting with them.

So, this ship has something that we have never experienced before on a cruise ship - water slides. And, OF COURSE we tried them out.

 I have a video of me going down that I shot on my phone using the waterproof cover. Ill share it with you when we get some good internet. Sadly, we didn't take many pics the first two days on board. However, we are pulling into Naples today and we will be visiting Capri so hopefully there will be some awesome pics to share with you.

We miss you you - are you missing us yet? Thanks for reading.


  1. I have waited days........and that's it? C'Mon Bruno! I await the next LONGER installment.

  2. Nice room! I'm fascinated by the strange table...are those long marshmallow looking rows drawers?

  3. Elizabeth PentlandMay 25, 2016 at 2:17 PM

    Enjoy reading your posts and coming along on the journey with you ... although it would be a WHOLE lot better being there!

  4. Yes I'm missingyou both.Big hug and cuddlesfrom me to both of you.just cuddle each other and thats from me.

  5. Yes I'm missingyou both.Big hug and cuddlesfrom me to both of you.just cuddle each other and thats from me.

  6. Awesome reward to be now cruising!! Enjoy!! Love waterslides!!

  7. That room is a weird shape. And if I know Kylie, she did destroy the room. Lol. Miss you both xx


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