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Friday, June 12, 2015

WE DID IT! We snorkeled at Hanauma Bay!!!!!

I spent a while in the last post talking about how we were going to get to Hanauma Bay and the decision was that we were going to take a taxi and it was going to cost $30-$40. So, we walked down to the street and found a taxi. We told the driver where we were going and his smile went from ear to ear. Hmmmmmmm...... So, I thought I would asked how much the fare would be. He said "Close to $50." Add a tip and this was going to be an EXPENSIVE expedition. We haggled for a moment and there was not going to be any letup. So, we got out of the cab, unaware of how we were going to get there. We thought that we would walk the streets looking for shuttle buses but it was 6:15am and there was not much movement on the streets. We conferred for a moment ..... I was tired, Kylie was tired ...... it was a moment of weakness ......  we walked past a taxi and said 'Take us to Hanauma Bay.' He also smiled from ear to ear.....

We got there. We knew that we didn't have to watch the video because we had already watched it a few days before. But, what was THE COOLEST was because we got there so early, we got in FOR FREE!!!! There was hardly anyone there, so everything worked out as planned (well, almost everything).

One thing that wasn't planned was the snorkel. The snorkel isnt really suitable for my enormous nose. 

But, we did great! And, we saw some amazing stuff.

But, first, lets take a selfie.....

All of these pics were taken using the waterproof cover in this earlier blog post.

In a few hours, the beach is packed. We came at a great time.

It was so cool to have fish just swim past you like this.

When we watched the video the few days before, it had this song that they had written which was very powerful in message. Why do I say its powerful? Well, if you are singing the song for the next few hours, I think they got their message across.

Here are a few more pics....

Because we woke up so early, we were REALLY tired. Like, really really tired. So, I lay down on my new towel (purchased at the ABC Store) and slept. Then, Kylie saw me sleeping on the beach, so she also lay down on her towel (also purchased at the ABC Store) and slept. I think we were out of it for about an hour.

We were not going to use our snorkels again. So, we approached someone at the sign for snorkel hire. It followed the same pattern;
  1. Person walks up to hire place excited about snorkelling
  2. Person reads sign
  3. Person realizes that it will cost them $20 each to hire
  4. Person is disappointed
  5. Person realizes that there is no other option
  6. Person pays $20

So, Kylie hovered around at the hire place and people watched (something we both love doing - and, yes, its different to stalking). She sees a couple perform steps 1-4. Then she approaches them and says 'Would you like these?' They were VERY excited!

One thing I forgot to mention was that to get down to the beach, there is this path which is fine on the way down. But, on the way up ...... hmmmm ...... not so much. So, we dragged ourselves up the path. We were NOT going to pay $50 for a taxi fare. So, we asked where the public bus is caught from. We followed the path, not knowing when it was going to come, where it would take us or how much the fare would be (given the link on trip advisor was so out of date). So, we saw the sign for the bus stop, we walked towards it and within 20 seconds, the bus arrived. It would take us right into Waikiki. It was $2.50 each. It was SOOOOO easy. Oh well, we know for next time.....

So, next on the agenda was going to the Waikele Premium Outlet centre. We had heard that this was good. Kylie usually isn't really interested in shopping, but I am. I get it from my dad. Those of you that know my dad ...... you understand. His philosophy is 'Why buy one when you can buy thirteen?' I'm not that bad.

Its about an hour from the centre of town. There was no way that we were going to catch a taxi (we learned our lesson that morning). When you are walking in downtown Waikiki, you get handed flyers; one flyer is to buy guns (yes, real guns) and the other one is for a $10 transfer to the Waikele Outlets. We had taken one a few days before, we knew where the pickup point was, so we headed in that direction and bought tickets. The bus arrived and it was a converted American school bus which Im spewing that I didnt get a picture.

Had a great time at the shops! Kylie bought a handbag that she has wanted for ages (on sale of course). I was happy because my fave shop is Tommy Hilfiger. But, in Australia, its prohibitively expensive. At the outlets, its extremely affordable. So, I was happy.

One thing we were looking for in Hawaii was our favourite confectionery - Peanut Butter M&Ms. Our friends were in Hawaii in November and brought back a 1kg bag for us. We love them! Have you tried them? You will love them too!!!! Every ABC store, we would look for them. Some of them had the small packs, some of them didnt have any. While we were at the premium outlets, there was another section which had normal shops, including Walmart. So, we figured we could get some from there. None! For some reason, there is a shortage of Peanut Butter M&Ms. Incidentally, this other section of the Mall had my new favourite store called Old Navy.

We went to where the bus was supposed to pick us up - we ran because we were running late. There was this HUGE line to get on the bus and there wasnt any room on the bus for us. Fortunately, there was a mini-bus for overflow passengers, which was also quickly filling up. The attendant said 'Two seats left at the back.' This was my seat.

Yes, that is a dining chair. And, this happened everytime we went around the corner....

I survived. And, I have a story to tell.

I told you that ABC Stores have everything. 

See ..... its true.

Thanks for reading!


  1. lol. Really good read. I bet you made that snorkelling couples day!

  2. Your so nice.. Making friends with your unneeded snorkels.

  3. Lol I read it! Seriously though, about those waterproof things, doesn't it freak you out that it might not work? It took awesome pics!!


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