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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why am I still awake?

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After the afternoon and evening spent walking around the city, and after retiring for the evening at 9pm, awake is not what I expected to be at 1am. But, awake I was - WIDE AWAKE. Im hoping that this doesnt continue.

So, first thinge, we did a search on to find out the location of the closest Kingdom Hall as we wanted to catch the Special Talk being given worldwide this weekend. But, before theat - food. We searched on Yelp for places close to use that were well reviewed and came up with 'CHOP CHOP GRUB SHOP.'

How did we get this photo? Well, I went outside taking some photos of Kylie and there was a guy talking on the phone next to Kylie in Italian (I tried to eavesdrop on his phone conversation, but I could only pick up every third word). So, while I was out taking picures, he asked if we wanted him to take pictures of the both of us. So, I handed him our camera and said 'Please dont run away with our camera.' To make me feel better, he left his jacket on the stool as 'bond' that he would return. And, return he did.

I never order pancakes, but these were delish.

'Put your phone away and eat, Bruno. We have to leave in five minutes!' Such a nice cosy setting. We will DEFINATELY be back. We ended up at the Clinton Congregation in Brooklyn. It was just a few blocks from where we are staying. Its a nice Kingdom Hall in a nice neighbourhood. 

The hall was packed. The talk was excellent. Imagine our suprise when the conductor for the WT was Anthony Morris. Such a treat. He has a great personality and very knowledgable. Ask me later about the 'ambassador' comment. That made me lol my head off.

Home again after a quick change and into the city. We were off to our first pre-booked show. And, we were not disappointed. So, the first issue was line near us was closed, so plan B was enacted. I dont know what we would do without my iPhone. Its so cool to get directions as soon we get out of the subway - thanks so much Siri. When you are walking about town, you stumble across places that you have seen on TV for years - its so weird!

Strangeley, the main star of the show (Carly Ray Jepsen from 'Call Me Maybe' fame) retired after the first act 'due to illness.' It wasnt a bad thing as the girl who replaced her was much better anyway. And Fran Drescher was also in it and she was a laugh and a half. 

This next picture is for all you Melburnians who sent me pictures of your recent visit to H and M at GPO - can you say that you have been to H and M on Fifth Avenue?

I went. But, both of us couldnt be bothered trying anything on.

When I was in New York in 2001, my local guide took me to Grand Central Station. It was very Grand and it was Central.

In the maze of underground tunnels the, the coolest thing happens. You can stand in one corner and whisper to the other person on the opposite side and due to the acoustics and vaulted ceiling, you can hear every word. I took video and Ill try to upload it in another blog post,

Home again, but not before....

Andm just before we say goodbye, we met up with some friends, a few of which are coming to IC2014 in Melbourne in October.

They are everywhere. Off to bethel this morning which we are totes excited about.
Speak soon...

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