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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After today, my legs are going to fall off.....

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We love this city. We never dreamed that we would get here once, let alone twice. And, we just love it!!!! We walked sooooo much today and still didnt even scratch the surface. I dont know what we would do without Google Maps. The app on the iPhone is so much better than the native Maps app that comes with the iPhone. These apps are designed for cities like New York - the subway and bus system is built in, so you can get from anywhere to anywhere so easily.

First up today was breakfast. We went to the same place as the day before because we love it so much. All they need is a coffee machine and it would be perfect. This is the neighbourhood that the cafe is in.

Its so weird that this photo was taken at almost 10am and most of the shops are still closed. My brekky for the day was this awesome dish with asparagus and eggs with hollandaise (I never really read the menu throughly, as I HATE hollandaise usually, but this was a great combo. I cant remember what Kylie ate...... 

Off to Bethel this morning. Google Maps got us there in less than 20 minutes. As we stepped out of the subway and followed the directions, here was what greeted us.

Had to take a pic (or seven) of that.

Since we had been on the tour last year, and seen the self guided display called 'A People for his Name,' we really wanted to see the new display called 'The Bible and the Divine Name.'

And, so we did. It was awesome. I read everything, but I will need to review again later as there was a lot to take in. But, here are some snippets of the display.

Like I said, there was ALOT to take in. When we get back, Ill upload all of the pics to my Flickr account and share them with you if you would like to see all of the artefacts (is that spelt correctly?). I photographed every single bible / manuscript.

Another exciting thing that happened when we went to Bethel was that we caught up with some friends who have just been reassigned back to Brooklyn. Karl and Sue and I all worked in Australia Bethel in the late nineties - early noughties. They have been working in Brazil for the last 10 years. It was great to see them again.

They live in the Towers Building and this is the view from their room.

It was so nice to see them again. If any of you have been to our place, and you remember the cool mirror on the wall - I got that from these guys. Karl had his life story in an Awake a few years back - look it up. Its a really interesting story. We stayed for lunch which was cool. The fro-yo dessert was really nice. When we were in the lobby, someone tapped me on the shoulder and introduced himself to me. I knew who he was immediately.

So, we have some friends in common, since we are both associated with the Hindi field. And, Anton and I follow each other on Instagram, though we had never met in person. He works in the dining room in the Towers building as a waiter. It was great to finially meet him.

From here, our walking adventure began.
We walked down on the Brooklyn Heights promenade which boats some amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

The girls in the background of this shot were hillarious! They were taking ages taking pictures and were fully posing.

lol Kylie

This is Toby and Adele from the UK. We met them in the lobby of bethel and caught up again here. The british accent is so distinguished. Great to chat with you guys. 
Money shot! Thanks random stranger for framing this photo so well. We have learnt to look for people with nice cameras because; a> they know how to use a camera and b> they wont steal it (hopefully).

We walked through an area known as DUMBO (down under manhattan and brooklyn overpass) which is utra-trendy. And then, across the bridge we went.

LOVE this pic!!!

Next stop was Tom's Restaurant, made famous by the TV show Seinfeld. Took ages on the subway, as its above 109th street near Columbia University, but it was a nice ride. We eavesdropped a coversation between two students who were talking about the new apartment they are moving into. He said it was a steal at $1800 a month. Do the math - thats $900 a fortnight and $450 a week. How? Must have rich parents! We are also both completely hooked on an iPhone game called 2048 (thanks Allison for suggesting I try it) so we had an opportunity to try beat each other's scores on the train ride. Back to the restaurant - The interior is completely different. So, we sat outside. I ordered an iced tea. And, a cold glass of tea arrived. I was expecting a nice tasting tea (like the Lipton Bottled Ice Tea that comes in lemon or peach flavour). But this was just tea. cold. I leaned on the table and the table collasped sending my tea across the table. I felt like I was in an episode of seinfeld. Next stop - Times Square. 

This was the view when we stepped out of the subway. It such a lively place. A lot of construction happening at the moment. Our plan was to get to the red steps and just watch the world go by. But, first, we went to the Hershey store. I LOVE Peanut Butter Cups. So, I bought a pack ..... or four of them. We were served by Shaquisha (pronounced Sha-kwee-sha). Some of the names are ..... interesting. Next stop - Fossil shop. Didnt even plan to go in, but both of us love all things Fossil. I walked out with a new watch and Kylie got a new wallet. We were going to go to the M&M store, but we already bought a kilo of Peanut Butter M&Ms and thought you would judge us for buying more. lol

Last stop for the day - Grimaldi's Pizza. I went there in 2001 and last year, one of the challenges on the Amazing Race was they had to go to this world famous Pizza place and eat an entire PIzza each. Now, look at the size - we didnt finish it between the two of us..
It was enormous. We ordered the standard pizza and it was delicous! And, again, no we didnt finish it.
Then home. Then sleep. And, you will be happy to know that I slept the whole night - hopefully this means my body has gotten used to the time change. Kylie on the other hand woke up at 3am and was wide awake.

Next up - we are off on a tour of the Met. Cant wait!

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