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Friday, May 2, 2014

one day more.....

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This morning, we decided we needed to wash our clothes. We were really impressed with the amount that we packed (or, more correctly, how much we left at home). So, because we didn't pack the kitchen sink on this trip, we were running out of clean clothes to wear. Our plan was to walk around the corner to the laundromat and wash them. And, then we asked how much it would cost for them to wash it? The lady speaking what can loosely be called 'English' responded $12. Best $12 I've spent all holiday.

We went to Walgreens. The closest thing to Walgreens is Priceline. However, you can also buy cigarettes and alcohol. Kylie went off to look for foundation (make up). She was gone for ages. I came to find her and she was searching, almost on her hands and knees. The Colour she was looking for was ivory. How can I say this? Ivory is not a color foundation that is sold much in this area, so she had to search for it. The colours she saw were called toffee, mocha, spicy brown, sheer espresso, golden honey. She could have worn that color but looked like she had a spray tan. We went to the register - and the girl asked us if we had a Walgreens card. We didn't, so we signed up for one. It saved more than $10 off our purchase. 

So, we walked down the road to our cafe of choice. It's a  French creperie. Kylie has been wanting to go there since we arrive, but it really didn't interest me. However, it was just awesome. I had a savory crepe and Kylie had a sweet. We loved it so much, we are going again tomorrow.

We sat on the banquette seating by the window and watched the world go by.

An interesting thing happened - as Kylie and I have the practice of doing, we prayed before our meal. We said 'amen' at the end and this lady sitting on a nearby table said 'that was so beautiful, I wish I had taken a picture.' Then,because they heard that our accent was Australian, the guy who was with her asked if we lived in Melbourne, which we do. As it turns out, this guy has been to Melbourne a number of times as he plays bass in a band with - GEORGE BENSON. now, in case you didn't know, like us, George Benson (most well known for singing the song 'On Broadway') is also one of Jehovah's Witnesses. This gentlemen mentioned that George meets with his 'brothers and sisters after every concert. We chatted for a while longer and we asked him to send our regards to George. When he left, the waiter came up to us and told us that the guy was really famous.

Kylie had a nutella, strawberry and banana crepe and mine was mushrooms, spinach and cheese. It was amazing. Loved it so much we are going again tomorrow.

Then, into Manhattan and out first port of call was the Uniqlo Flagship store on Fifth Avenue.
Uniqlo just opened up in Melbourne, but we havent yet been. I was more interested in going than Kylie was but she humoured me. Ill rue the day I ever took her.

It made me feel like I had walked onto the set of a music video (which was a change, because over the last wekk, we have recognized places from Law and Order.)

So, how was it? We LOVED it! I know its a little TMI (too much information) but Kylie says that Uniqlo has changed her life. Why? She has found some of the most comfortable undergarments she has ever worn. I loved it too. I love that you can get things in any colour, any size. I held myself back, though we are going back again today.

Then, quite accidentally, we stumbled across Trump Tower, so we went inside to meet 'The Don.' Unfortunately, he had double booked for the afternoon meeting, so we went to Starbucks instead. Having said that, Ivanka says hello and we picked up a few things from the Gucci childrens store.

We were heading towards Central Park, and quite accidentally this enormous glass cube attracted my attention. From street, level, you could see about seven people at the top of the glass circular stair leading down into the store - 
From then, as we walked down the stair, there was probably about six hundred people playing with iPads and others in blue t-shirts buzzing around assisting them. Kylie unplugged a display iPad and started charging her phone (we do that in every store we go into) while I looked for and purchased a waterproof cover for my phone. It was 80 bucks (which was a little more than I was expecting), but here is my gripe - if the price tag says $80, I want to pay $80. I dont want a suprise and have to pay $90.42 (including tax). If you want to charge $87.43, put $87.43 on the price tag. This doesnt apply just to the Apple store, this applies to every purchase in the US but unfortunately, the guy that served me at the Apple store had to hear all about it.

Then, we got to Central Park. Its such an amazing place. The city is crazy busy - and then within a few steps, its peaceful and tranquil.
We stumbled across a 'wedding'

We found the fountain that we have seen on so many movies.
Before you judge, the bags are no all filled with our shopping. We left home with coats, jumpers and scarves and uneqpectedly (ie. we didnt check the forecast), despite the fact that it was freezing when we left home, it was sunny by this stage, so we got a few extra bags from uniqlo and filled them with our excess clothing.

I saw this little kid with a Spiderman Icy Pole and I had to have it. It was really nice.

Yes, I was spinning around.

Time flies by so quickly in this city - we were meeting for tea at Carmines. While we waited to go in, we looked at the menu. Carmines was an italian place, and I felt like a chicken parma. The prices were $$$$$$$. When we ordered, the waiter told us that you order meals to share. So, the prices went from being expensive to ridiculously cheap. And, ENORMOUS!!!!

This was the parma that Kylie and I ordered. Can you see the size of the plate, sorry, I should say platter? On the subway, Kylie and I were just having a conversation about how everyone talks about how big meals in the US are and how we had never experienced it. Well, now we have. Our friends also ordered this bread dish (no idea what its called).
It was basically bread with cheese and oil and chives. I hate chives. But, I LOVED this dish. Quick dinner as we were off to see Les Miserables.
While I enjoyed the show immensely, there were parts that I didn't and since I shelled out a packet to see it, I feel as though I have a right to pass judgement. I didn't enjoy every performer and every song and every aspect of the story. But, in all the good outweighed the not-so-good. The guy who played Jean ValJean was out of this world. I could listen to him sing all day. He sounds like me (joke). The staging was amazing. I always feel bad for Eponine and her unrequited love. And, then Kylie reminds me that it's just a story. The scene where the policeman dies was brilliantly staged. The songs are just so beautiful and gave me goosies a number of times. My fave song is still 'One Day. More.' Just thinking about that last note of that song gives me goosies. And, this is symbolic because we have 'one Day More' in. New York City. 

We are missing our fur babies. This was taken before we left. 
They seem to be having fun with Nonno and Nonna and their cousins Lucy and Scottie.

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